Friday, February 17, 2017
Filinvest City is this year's home of the Wanderland Music & Arts Festival

Filinvest City is this year's home of the Wanderland Music & Arts Festival

Filinvest City brings Wanderland Music and Arts Festival to the south of the metro on March 4, 2017. The event will take place at the newly developed Filinvest City Event Grounds. The outdoor event venue, which is ready to accommodate the biggest events in the country, is sure to give a refreshing vibe to all guests.

Themed Wanderland Jungle, this year promises to be even more exciting as international names including The Temper Trap, The Ting Tings, Explosions in the Sky, Yuna, Purity Ring, Honne, LANY, and Woodlock, as well as homegrown indie artists such as Up Dharma Down, Tom’s Story, Gab and John of Urbandub, Fools & Foes, Reese Lansangan, Lola Amour, Banna Harbera, and Mickey Sulit come together for a roaring good time in Filinvest City.

Adding a colorful jungle vibe to the music festival are live art performances from talented muralists and illustrators including Jappy Agoncillo, KFK Collective, Quatro Hapimeel, and Ysabella Lalu.

With thousands of Wanderers each year, they can definitely expect a feast for the eyes and ears as they enjoy good music. All these take place amid lush green sceneries of the outdoors at Filinvest City. 

For more information, visit Wanderland’s website at 

Thursday, February 16, 2017
Coca-Cola sent aid to Surigao earthquake victims

Coca-Cola sent aid to Surigao earthquake victims

Last February 10, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck Surigao and the province suffered massive damages amounting to an estimated ₱601.8 million. Residents panicked as the quake left two major bridges down, damaged buildings and infrastractures, and electricity and water supply on affected areas were stopped.

As the government immediately responded to the disaster victims, some private companies also offered quick assistance to the families. Coca-Cola, one of the biggest beverage companies in the country, immediately sent aid in the form of a vital resource--safe and clean drinking water.

On February 11 – the day after the quake, 100,000 worth of Wilkins Distilled water were unloaded at Surigao City Hall. The drinking water was distributed through the efforts of the local government, with the assistance of Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines pre-sellers, 301B personnel of the Philippine Army, and the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

In addition to the products, Coca-Cola Philippines, Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines, and the Coca-Cola Foundation are working with the local government of Surigao for the deployment of the SETA Potable Water Machine – a mobile drinking water facility with the capability to treat and produce 3000 l/h of potable drinking water a day – to sustainably ease the community's need for this resource, and will continue to support the rehabilitation efforts in the province.
Tuesday, February 14, 2017
When the battle for Billie's heart gets more intense

When the battle for Billie's heart gets more intense

During the fun day with the Meant To Be cast at Enchanted Kingdom, we asked the boys how important it is for their characters to win Billie's heart. And here's what each has to say:

Jai Patel (Addy Raj): "I don't think it is...I feel like there's no hope." [So is Jai already giving up on Billie? Is it because of Mariko (played by Mika dela Cruz)? Or is it because Jai doesn't really have feelings for Billie at all? That's what we all have to find out as their story progress]

Yuan Lee (Ken Chan): "'...'yung sa akin, ang bottomline is hindi boring. Challenging." [That's him pertaining to his love-hate relationship with Billie]

Andoy dela Cruz (Jak Roberto): "Dahil maraming torpe ang nabibigyan ng pag-asa, 'di ba?

Ethan Spencer-Hughes (Ivan Dorschner): "In the end, that's what Billie needs (insert awkward pause)..."

And the battle among the four hot guys continues as the conversation heats up and gets more intense (of course, they're speaking as their characters).

On a more personal note, now that there are only fews day left, the stars of Meant To Be share their plans on how they are spending their Valentine's Day.

So who's not envious of Barbie Forteza?

Monday, February 13, 2017
Meant To Be cast celebrates with fans at Enchanted Kingdom

Meant To Be cast celebrates with fans at Enchanted Kingdom

Meant To Be at Enchanted Kingdom
A month since it first aired last January, the Meant To BE cast (Barbie Forteza, Ken Chan, Jak Roberto, Ivan Dorschner, and Addy Raj) can't thank everyone enough for the huge success of the show. With their storyline targeting the young audience on a late timeslot, the reaction of the viewers and the high ratings that they are getting overwhelmed the cast and tripled their expectations. 

Despite having different personalities, Barbie didn't have difficulties dealing with his four leading men in the show. Even when off cam, these guys went along together really well for having the same trips and interests: movies and food.

The show had their share of both positive and negative comments and tweets from the viewers and fandoms. When your show is becoming popular and engaging, people tend to be so into it and hope their bets would end up together eventually. So when asked who will Billie end up with, Barbie instead left a message to the avid viewers of the series, "Sana huwag 'nyo po isipin na binabalewala namin ang tweets and comments ng audience and ng fans kasi malaking factor po talaga 'yon. Pero sana i-consider 'nyo rin na may sinusunod kaming istorya."

And to thank the people who have been supporting them, the entire cast spent a day with the fans at Enchanted Kingdom. 

There's so much more to discover as we follow the lives of Billie, Yuan, Andoy, Ethan, and Jai. Just keep watching Meant To Be everyday at 9:30PM in GMA Telebabad.

Saturday, February 11, 2017
James Wright releases second album entitled "Just Wright"

James Wright releases second album entitled "Just Wright"

From ballad to upbeat and pop-ish songs, James Wright is ready to show everyone that he's not just your ordinary crooner-next-door. 

In his latest album entitled Just Wright, James somehow went off his comfort zone and tried a different genre. Of course, ballad is still present in his album, but apart from that, he also have upbeat songs and pop to offer.

The carrier single will be My Destiny, which is going to be the official theme song of the much awaited remake of Koreanovela, My Love From The Stars, starring Jennylyn Mercado and newcomer Gil Cuerva.

With a total of six songs composed by hitmakers and award-winning songwriters including Vehnee Saturno, Dodjie Simon, and Edmund Perlas, James shared that each track somehow brings him back memories and experiences. Ibig Bang Sabihin, just one of the songs in his album that he can very much relate to, transports him back to his highschool days where it's just about "kilig" and admiration.

More on our interview with him:

Just Wright is now available in Astroplus and Astro Vision outlets, The Landmark, and Lazada. There's also a digital version available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and over 160 other digital stores worldwide.

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