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indoor-rock-climbing-2Wall climbing is an uber popular indoor sport that is attracting fitness buffs and thrill seekers. Its ability to boost metabolism, strengthen the core, tone muscles and provide a certified high makes it an irresistible attraction.
The sport isn’t all that new – the first wall was created in the UK in 1964 – but wall climbing is a modern hit – in parks, schools, fairs and amusement parks.
Exactly what benefits does wall climbing deliver?
121. Wall climbing burns a lot of calories. Even moderate wall climbing can make you lose 400 to 600 calories in just an hour. This is because the sport maximizes the use of muscles in your legs, arms, chest, back and core. Think of how many more calories you can burn when you go extreme!
2. It promotes cardiovascular health. The wall climbing work out gets your heart pumping -- not only because you get an adrenaline rush when you go up the rocks. The amount of strength you use to pull your body weight up lets your heart and organs deliver blood vigorously and deepen your breathing. The cardio vascular benefits from climbing improves metabolism, reduces the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. It also gives you more energy and lets you sleep better.
3. It tones muscles and improves flexibility. As you climb and defy gravity, the leg muscles – particularly the hamstring and quadriceps -- harden to support body weight and maintain their flexibility to reach the next foothold. Climbing requires ab/core involvement which tones the tummy, one of the most stubborn areas where fat builds up.14832971-asian-girl-doing-bouldering-rock-climbing-on-a-high-rock-climbing-wall
4. It exercises your mind.  Climbing involves problem solving, focus and strategy as you plan your route upwards. It requires a high level of mind and body coordination to respond to the task at hand. The basic challenge of wall climbing is to concentrate on finishing while conquering numerous difficulties. Wall climbing can make you sharp. 
5. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. Whether you’re overcoming your fear of heights, working your muscles or navigating your way along the footholds, reaching the top of the wall always provides a sense of fulfillment. That exhilarating thrill of pushing yourself beyond your limits and winning over your limitations provides a sense of triumph that makes you feel victorious.
There is an opportunity to try indoor wall climbing at the Bonifacio High Street, Taguig on September 13-15, September 20-22 and September 27-29. When you climb, just make sure you wear the proper gear and protection that will keep you safe from injury.3M Futuro® , one of the participating brands in the weekend activities, has products specially suited for the prevention and care of sports injuries such as Futuro® Sport Moisture Control Knee support, Futuro® Sport Adjustable Wrist Support, and Futuro® Sport Adjustable Ankle Support. These products are designed for improved durability, flexibility, and support for athletic activities such as wall climbing. For more information about Futuro® products, visit

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