CEB Pacific Free Flights Promo...a SCAM!

It has been a chaotic day in NAIA Terminal 3 last Christmas. A lot of people were stranded and some even got their flights delayed and cancelled due to bad weather and air traffic congestion. Because of this, many angry passengers missed their chance to spend the holidays with their loved ones. 

Just today, I've been seeing this CEB Pacific promotion on my Facebook wall where they're giving away free flights for 2 to any destination to 1000 lucky winners. This is in Mechanics are pretty simple. It's just like, comment, and share. That's it! And since it's that easy, as of this writing, the post already has 69392 likes, 59188 comments, and 43400 shares. Not bad for a promo posted just 12 hours ago. 

Well, news flash people...IT'S A SCAM!

Cebu Pacific Air have already found out about it and released an official statement in their Facebook Page. CebuPac has also reported it to the authorities and is now investigating on who's responsible for the fake promotion. They also reminded their followers that legit promotions and announcements are only being posted in their official social networking sites, which they have enumerated in their post. 

Here's what CebuPac has to say about the issue:

So, if you're one of those who joined and shared this fake promotion, you might wanna put it down and stop it from spreading.
Edward Santos

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