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PopSlide is not just your ordinary lockscreen. This lightweight, yet fully loaded, app displays ads, gives access to different articles and mobile applications, and the most fun of it all, provides rewards to all its users. Sounds interesting, huh? After trying out the app, I can put the experience in 3 simple words: Learn. Earn. Enjoy.


PopSlide lets you LEARN about different products through its advertisements. It keeps you on the loop on what's happening and what the world has to offer through the selected interesting articles it displays. And it gives you access to different mobile applications you may find worth the download.

There are three actions available in PopSlide:

See more ads
Gives you more details about the ad
Brings you to your homescreen


PopSlide is a rewards app too! You don't just learn, but you earn from it too! Looking at the ads, reading the articles, or trying out the apps that PopSlide offers correspond to points that, later on, you can use to redeem an item of your choice. Here are different ways to earn points in PopSlide:

Swipe left to get more details about the ad.
Sometimes swiping right gives you partial points too.

Play the PopSlide roulette

It may not earn you points but swiping left to a giveaway ad earns you a raffle entry. And you may do this everytime you see that ad so you'll get more chance of winning the raffle.

Collect stamps by opening the PopSlide app everyday.
Don't miss a day or you'll lose all your stamps!

Earn BIG points by completing missions.

Every PopSlide user gets a unique promo code. Have someone install PopSlide using your promo code and both of you will earn points.


Enjoy the perks of using PopSlide. If you have enough points, you May use it to redeem mobile loads. And if your lucky enough, you may also be one of the lucky winners of the PopSlide giveaways!

Now that you have an idea on what the app has to offer, here are some of my thoughts on it:

  • It doesn’t just show regular advertisements for products.
  • It gives me option to choose which ad/article to view.
  • With just a swipe, I can easily earn an entry to a raffle.
  • It has a referral bonus.
  • It's fun to use especially if your past time is to just browse anything on the internet.
  • Currently, PopSlide is only available on Android devices.
  • Since the app requires internet connection, points wont be earned even if you swipe left when you're offline.
  • Documentation is not updated. For example, in the FAQ, it says that SmartBro is not included in the redeemable items but when you look at the actual list of items that be redeemed, it's there. (version

  • New redeemable items 
  • Implement an offline pointing system. Though it may not be significant for articles and app downloads, it would be nice to still earn points for just regular ads. 
  • Show the total number of raffle entries per giveaway
  • Make sure that documentation is also updated when uploading a new version to avoid confusion.
  • More articles and giveaways
Got other things you wanna see in the app? Share your thoughts in the comment section and, who knows, the developers might just consider them for their next version! :)
Edward Santos

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