Asia's Got Talent Auditions: El Gamma Penumbra Gets Golden Buzzer

El Gamma Penumbra is one of my favorite acts in Pilipinas Got Talent but, unfortunately, they didn’t get the title. The group tried their luck in Asia’s Got Talent Season 1 and made it to the semis. They may have not won PGT but they surely captured the hearts of Asia. You can see the judges smile as they enjoy and admire the group’s performance. The judges were moved by the piece and Anggun even stood up after their performance and cheered with the crowd.  She obviously loved it which made her press the Golden Buzzer. Whoever gets the golden buzzer from any of the judges will go straight to the semi finals. 

All the judges thanked the group for a magical and wonderful experience they have brought in the show. 

David: One of the beautiful things about sitting in this chair is that I get to see things that I would never see in my life. I have no idea how you did it. I have no idea how it works. But I know it was absolutely magical. 

Mel C: I absolutely loved it…I got emotional after watching that. It’s magical. It’s mind blowing.

Van Ness: Amazing job. I love how you guys told the story so beautifully and it was just so wonderful to see live and up close. 

Anggun: There are many things that I’d like to say to you but…then the crowd started chanting “Push That Gold”…and she did!

Congratulations to El Gamma Penumbra for a job well done!


Edward Santos

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