RapidCloud Philippines: To Rapidly Claim Philippine I.T Market

Makati City – Pang Seng Ong, top CEO of RapidCloud Singapore; founder of Exxelnet Solutions in October 1999 which grew from a one-man company to more than 15 employees and an overseas branch office in Malaysia and in the Philippines graced and led the ribbon cutting and launching of RapidCloud Philippines. 

Pang Seng Ong, CEO of RapidCloud Singapore with
Mr. Jess C, Founder and Country Head of Metro Blogger
RapidCloud Singapore is part of RapidCloud International Plc which provides enterprises with the building blocks to create a powerful and complete online presence. The Group is a One-Stop-Shop provider of Cloud Computing, web hosting, online business services and professional IT services to clients within Malaysia and Southeast Asia, through the three types of currently available Cloud Computing delivery models, namely Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). 

The launching of RapidCloud Philippines and its registration from government regulatory bureaus signals RapidCloud International’s stout belief in the Philippine I.T Market. It is a commitment to bringing into the Philippines RapidCloud International’s cutting-edge I.T solutions which is the company’s commitment in bringing world – class solutions to the Philippines and the rest of the world. Cognizant of the robust economy and I.T market, RapidCloud is now marking its official entry in the Philippine I.T market.

Powered by dynamic and knowledgeable workforce---many of whom are Filipinos, RapidCloud is now an official partner of Google, working with and engaging RapidCloud’s services mean working a trusted Google partner. 

CEO of RapidCloud Singapore, Mr. PS Ong with 
Geraldine Loh, the Director, Designer and Merchandiser of
 Mugigae International

Photo Credits: Metro Bloggers, Lito Caleon

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