20th Graphic Expo 2015

Are you a graphics designer? Photographer? Or just someone who's fond of creative works and would love to learn how it's done? If YES, then you shouldn't miss this year's Graphic Expo!

The 20th Graphic Expo 2015 is a gathering of the top suppliers and brands in the creative and printing industry. If you're into the same field, or actually any field of business, this is your chance to expand your contacts and get a chance to get great deals as there are hundreds of exhibitors that will be participating in the event. Just so you'll have an idea, here's a long list of industries /businesses you'll find in the event:

Photo taken during the 19th Graphic Expo 2014.
Photo credits: FMI
I am into graphics and when I found out about the event, I got really excited! Training courses are really expensive. Good thing the 20th Graphic Expo 2015 will be offering seminars that anyone, including non-designers, can take. For only Php 5,000, you get to attend two sessions of your choice a day. I have been watching video tutorials whenever I want to learn something but it's still different if you hear it straight from the experts. I have already enrolled in some of the classes because I can't just miss such big opportunity as this. Check out this list of topics that will be conducted in the entire event period and you might also find something that interests you:

DAY 1 - JUNE 4 2015 (THURSDAY)

AM SESSIONS (9:30-12:30)
  • The Next Generation Of Web Animation Using Adobe Edge Animate
  • Guerilla Graphic Design
  • DSLR And BlackMagic Cinema Camera Operation
  • Executing Viral Campaigns In Social Media For Creative Professionals
WHOLE DAY SESSIONS (9:30 - 5:00)
  • Learn Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 With Its Powerful New Tools
  • Creative And Editorial Design For Magazines And Newsletters
PM SESSIONS (2:00-5:00)

  • Powerful Web Design Without Code Using Adobe Muse
  • Advanced Illustrator Techniques
  • Effective Storytelling In Finalcut Pro X
  • Optimizing Your Mac Productivity Through Training On Troubleshooting, Enterprise Security
DAY 2 - JUNE 5, 2015 (FRIDAY)

AM SESSIONS (9:30-12:30)
    • Real World Secrets To Finishing Your Video With Final Cut Pro X
    • LMNTS (Elements) Of Design
    • Visual Communication 101: Graphic Design For Non-Designers
    • New Ideas For PreNup Photography
    • Converting Website Visits To Profitability
    WHOLE DAY SESSION (9:30 - 5:00)
      • Level Up Through iOS Application Development
      PM SESSIONS (2:00-5:00)

        • Adobe Photoshop CC 2015: Master Photoshop Layers & Composting
        • Producing Short And Simple Video Clips And Animation For Online Marketing
        • Successful Coffee Table Book Design: Case Studies On Award-Winning Book Designs
        • Glamour Wedding Portraiture – Masterclass
        • Going Pro In Wedding And Corporate Events Photography
        DAY 5 - JUNE 6, 2015 (SATURDAY)

        AM SESSIONS (9:30-12:30)
            • Adobe Photoshop CC 2015: Photo Restoration In Photoshop CC
            • Post Processing Workflow
            • Lightroom Workflow Strategies
            • Fast And Responsive Web Designs Using Adobe Edge Reflow
            • Street Photography
            • Documentary Photography
            PM SESSIONS (2:00-5:00)

                • Shooting For Stock Photography And Monetizing Digital Photos
                • Calibrating Your Digital Printer
                • Creative Video On Photoshop
                • Shooting Music Videos On A Budget
                • How To Do A Guerilla Street Prenup/Engagement Shoot
                • Apple Technology For Graphics And Creative Industries
                If you're interested to join any of the seminar topics, click here to find out more OR click here to register.

                The 20th Graphic Expo 2015 is happening on June 4-6, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia Complex in Manila. See you there!


                My #GRAPHICEXPOrience

                It was my first time ever to attend the Graphic Expo. More than the exhibit, I got really excited with the seminars that I am attending this year especially that it is very relevant my with my day job.

                It was only during the event that I learned that the main target audience of the exhibit are the businesses and entrepreneurs. It is quite obvious as most of the products on display are printers and other related equipments. If you're into printing business or corporate giveaways/souvenirs, this event is the perfect avenue for you to expand your contacts and get the best deals for your business needs.

                The exhibitors were also given a chance to introduce their products and give tips to all the visitors of the expo.

                During the 3-day event, there were also seminars conducted by the experts in the graphics industry. This is what I was actually looking forward to. I love learning new stuff especially that it is very much related to what I do everyday. A lot of interesting topics were offered for only Php5,000/day. That's up to you if you want a whole day session or two different topics in a day.

                Here are the topics I took:

                Creative And Editorial Design For Magazines And Newsletters

                Mr. Jordan Santos, with quite a handful of experience in the field of publishing, shared to us how (almost) everything works in the industry. For someone who's been doing brochures and catalogs, I really learned a lot from his session. It may not be exactly what I am doing, but I was able to parallel the processes he discussed with my current setup at work. What I loved about his session is that he did some case studies, analyzed the working environment of every participant, identified problems and suggested solutions to have a more effective workflow.

                LMNTS (Elements) Of Design

                This course is more of a refresher for me. I am so into graphics that most of my knowledge about it came from different tutorials that I've watched and read online and by exploring different graphics software. What I loved about this course is that I learned the basics and the structure of design. Thanks to Mr. Tony Bucu of PCCI.

                Producing Short And Simple Video Clips And Animation For Online Marketing

                I've always wanted to learn video production and this course is just perfect for me. The last time I've seen and used Flash was during college and a lot had already changed since then. Also, I haven't tried Adobe Premier yet and this course just showed me how easy it is to do a video out of it. After Mr. Ronnie Millevo walked us through on video production, now I'm thinking of taking an in-depth training for both software.

                So, those are basically my take away from the event. This year's Graphic Expo was indeed a fun learning experience for me and I can't wait for the next!

                Thanks to Fiera de Manila Inc for this wonderful exporience!
                Edward Santos

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