Lakbay2Love Will Surely Make You Fall In Love...With Biking!

Lakbay2Love revolves around the lives of the three main characters: Lianne (Solenn Heussaff), Jay-R (Dennis Trillo), and Macky (Kit Thompson). Lianne, a videographer left by his parents and boyfriend, dwelt too much on her past that she forgot to live her own life. After months of sulking and crying, Lianne and her friend Monday (Patricia Ysmael) accepted a project that will feature environment and biking thinking that it's about time for her to move on. There, they'll be guided by a well-known forester and biker, who happened to be her ex-boyfriend's friend too, Jay-R. Things just got more complicated because when she's starting to develop feelings for Jay-R, her ex, Macky, came back for her.

More than the love story, Lakbay2Love aims to share their advocacies for environment protection and promote biking. The movie did make me fall in love again with my, once, weekend routine - biking! The cinematography is just amazing and seeing the beautiful landscapes and aerial shots in the movie, I knew I'm already missing a lot!

Lakbay2Love features some of the best trails in the country. Biker or not, you'll definitely love the wide shots of the sceneries in the movie. Who wouldn't fall in love with the green paradisical Lamesa Ecopark, or the slopes of Timberland and Benguet, or the overlooking view from the Ten Commandments at Camp Sinai? And that shot where Dennis is at the edge of a cliff? It's just breathtaking! The soundtrack is also very commendable. I just find myself smiling while listening to the songs and watching them pedal through courses.

If you’re into biking, you’ve probably heard or even visited the places where the characters spent most of their time in the movie. If not, then who knows, one of their shoot locations could be your next ride destination? 

If you haven’t tried biking yet, then this movie may poke your interest to do it. They have included a biking 101, but of course, its just for a couple of minutes and there’s so much to learn about biking. At least it’s a good headstart to your, possibly, next hobby.  

Lakbay2Love, directed by Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil, stars Dennis Trillo, Solenn Heussaff, and Kit Thompson and will be out in cinemas starting February 3, 2016.

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