Francis M's Legacy Lives On In PETA's 3 Stars And A Sun

The show opened with such a dramatic scene that (I'm pretty sure) awakened the patriotism in every member of the audience. 

Mang Okik entered the stage. Played the national anthem from a small radio transistor while holding the Philippine flag drawn in a paper. Towards the end, Protektanods went in. Shouting. Threatening. Stopping Mang Okik and the people (audience) from singing. Mang Okik stopped. He was pinned down by the Protektanods. At the back of my mind, I wondered, why would they do that? It’s our National Anthem! Why won't they let us finish first? And then for some reason, I just had to sing louder. Everyone did. Until the end. It felt real. It’s as if we’re one of the rebels that won’t let any oppressors get in our way. 

PETA’s 3 Stars And A Sun focuses on a conflict between Lumino, the majority with a vision of living a comfortable life led by Grand Vidame Inky, and a rebel group known as Tropang Gising from the Diliman sector, or the underprivileged. The people were contained inside The Stormdome, a giant steel dome that can protect a handful of cities from intense heat, force, and pressure from severe nuclear bombings, built by a man named Pancho in year 2026. Sick of the oppression from the Lumino, having someone’s memory wiped out and reconditioned as Protektanod, Tropang Gising led some attacks to regain their rights and freedom from the harsh way of Vidame Inky’s leadership.

Oppression, dirty politics, social ills. Sounds familiar? Oh yes! It's been more than a decade already and, yet, Francis Magalona's songs are still very relevant up to now. For those who do not know Francis Magalona, his songs mostly talk about nationalism, politics, social concerns, and how the youth of today can make a difference. His words perfectly fit in every scene in the play. Kudos to the people behind the show who did a great job in blending a set of 80s/90s hits with such a futuristic storyline. With this production, Francis M's legacy lives on. Thanks to PETA for giving this generation a chance to learn about his works through this show. Hopefully, the audience will not just look at it as an entertainment but rather a tool for social awareness especially now that elections is fast approaching. This serves as a reminder for everyone about the issues we've faced and is still facing up to now. Issues that every administration promises to fix. Issues that, unfortunately, has never been resolved.

This all-Filipino musical was written by Mixcaela Villalon and Rody Vera, arranged by musical director Myke Salomon who recently bagged the Outstanding Musical Direction award for Rak of Aegis, and directed by Nor Domingo. The amazing casts include Che Ramos-Cosio and Carla Laforteza as Vidame Inky, Gio Gahol and Paolo Valenciano as Chino, Giannina Ocampo and Justine Pena as Diane, Norbs Portales and Jef Flores as Winston, Anj Heruela and Gab Pangilinan as Chelsea, Bodjie Pascua and Raffy Tejada as Mang Okik, Nicco Manalo and Gold Villar as Sol, John Moran and Nar Cabico as Poy, Jet Barrun and Anna Luna as Nazty, EJ Pepito and Lee Viloria as Kat, Roi Calilong and Jason Barcial as Bogs, and Yesh Anne Burce, Raflesia Bravo, Lance Busa, Ian Segarra, Nica Santiago, and Gimbey dela Cruz completing the Ensemble.

You may catch this highly-anticipated rap musical, 3 Stars And A Sun, from February 4 to March 6, 2016 at the PETA Theater Center. Tickets are available at TicketWorld.

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