Alabang Food Trip: Prime Cafe & Vue Bar

It was another night full of delicious food, feel good music, and great company!

Zomato took us down the south for a fun gastronomic adventure in restaurants from two equally beautiful and inviting hotels in Alabang. 


Prime Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

To start off our exciting food trip, we went to the Prime Cafe in B Hotel for our dinner. The chef served some of their bestsellers that we really enjoyed. Here's what we had:

Miso Soup

It's a different take on the miso soup we've known from some of our Japanese restaurants here. Theirs have fresh seafood which adds up to the flavorful taste of the soup. Such a perfect starter for a sumptuous meal.

Crispy Pata

Crispy Pata is an all-time favorite! What I love about their crispy pata is that the meat is tender and it's skin is so crispy it's almost like chicharon with laman. 

Beef Salpicao

This is my least favorite dish. Don't get me wrong. I love salpicao. Really! But this one just didn't taste salpicao for me. I want my beef salpicao garlicky and, unfortunately, I didn't find it in this dish. It actually tasted like shawarma meat from one of the shawarma chains you'll find in a mall.

Belgian Chocolate Cake

I am choosy when it comes to chocolate cake. I want it moist and not too sweet. But this one is definitely an exception! It's sinfully good I could probably finish another slice or two. No wonder Prime Cafe's Belgian Chocolate Cake made it to Inquirer's list of top Belgian chocolate cakes in the metro. 

We've had few more dishes but, since I came in late, I didn't get a chance to take a good shot of it. Anyway, here are the rest of what we had that night:

Sizzling Shrimp Garlic Gambas

This is definitely on top of my list among all the dishes served to us. The shrimps are well-seasoned and a bit chewy. You'll surely love to eat it with rice and it's perfect for pulutan too! This one should be included in the Chef Recommendations section in their menu.

Bistro Sisig

I love sisig! If you love chicharon in your sisig, then you'll surely love Prime Cafe's version of sisig. I loved the crispiness of the pork, however, there's just too much mayo in it. It would be nicer if they lessen the mayo or just separate it for those who don't like mayo in their sisig.


Vue Bar - The Bellevue Manila Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

After the food-coma dining experience we've had at the Prime Cafe, Zomato then took us to the Vue Bar in Bellevue Hotel for some drinks. 

We arrived a bit early and only few tables were occupied. The place is so big and cozy. The 360 view of the city skyline is just so relaxing.  The live band played some old groovy hits and I was surprised that the guests on the dancefloor are actually dancing in sync. It is only after a few minutes that I discovered that there's a dance instructor infront. It's my first time to see a group of strangers dancing the same steps in a bar so, yeah, I had a fun time watching them. If you're into clubbing, you too can still enjoy this place because the "real" party starts late.

I really wanted to have as much liquor as I could but, since I don't want to get wasted because Alabang is tooooo far from home, I only had two cocktails:

Apple Martini

I specifically asked for a not-so-strong liquor drink from the waiter and he recommended this. I loved that just tastes like Apple juice with a kick. Vue Bar's Apple Martini contains vodka, Apple Schnapps, and Lime Juice.


Mojito is my favorite bar cocktail drink. I love the combination of rum, lime juice, sparkling water, sugar, and a hint of a mint! They actually have flavored mojito but I'd rather go for the classic. Other flavors available at the bar are lychee, watermelon, pineapple, mango, and apple. 

Eventhough we're here to try out their drinks, we still ordered few pica-picas to munch. However, since I'm so full from everything that we had for dinner, I didn't manage to try the food we ordered anymore. Let me just share with you these enticing pics:



The Mediterranean Pizza

Quattro Formaggi Pizza

And this is the scene behind every great food shot you see from a Zomato Foodie Meetup:

Fun, eh?
To know more about the restaurants we've visited, you may check out their Zomato pages and find out what the other foodies have to say about them:

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