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Do topics like grooming or beauty regimens make a bro less of a man? Does "Looking Good" only pertains to a person's physical attributes? Is there really a science of looking good?

Before, grooming regimens are usually associated with ladies. It is very rare that you hear a man share his grooming regimen in a group of bros. Well, newsflash! That "grooming-is-just-for-ladies" notion is just a thing of the past. Now, more and more men are becoming conscious of their looks. Remember, looking good makes you feel good. And, mind you, looking good doesn't have to be too expensive! 

On March 4, 2016, NIVEA MEN has officially launched their latest campaign at Black Market in Makati. Dubbed as "Discover the Science of Looking Good", the campaign aims to promoting grooming as an essential key to unlocking ones' full potential.

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NIVEA MEN believes that being well-groomed everyday helps men unlock their potential. 

Looking good helps boost someone's self confidence. Let me give you an example. In our office, we only wear casual clothes on a regular day. There are times though that I feel like coming in wearing corporate attire. I don't know but it somehow gives me extra confidence when presenting. Well, that's just one. There are so many ways where someone can benefit from looking good and presentable. Not just at work, but also in play, and even in relationships.

Mr. David Bonifacio, Managing Director of New Leaf Ventures and CEO of Bridge Southeast Asia
Coach Luigi Trillo, Asst. Coach of Meralco Bolts and Former Head Coach of Alaska Aces

During the launch, NIVEA MEN invited distinguished men who have already established names in their chosen fields. Representing the corporate world is the Managing Director of New Leaf Ventures and CEO of Bridge Southeast Asia, Mr. David Bonifacio, while for sports, Coach Luigi Trillo of Meralco Bolts graced the event. They both shared their thoughts on how to look good whether at work or at play. As they say, "all work and no play makes a bro KJ". Everything has to be balanced. And in everything you do, you need that confidence in you to execute it the way you want it to be. 

Furthermore, NIVEA MEN has also created a series of webisodes to effectively promote the campaign. Hosted by Gino Quillamor, each webisode features a useful, witty, and engaging tips on how a modern man can look good in the aspect of career, sports, and relationships. Here's the first webisode launched during the event:

Aside from the videos, NIVEA MEN has also prepared grooming guides where you can learn the science of looking good. Yup! There is a science behind every goodlooking man's physical appearance. How to grow a beard like a boss, haircuts suitable for different hair types, dealing with dandruff, sun protection for your skin type, fragrance facts, and a lot more topics are in store for evey man out there! So if you too want to discover the science of looking good, visit NIVEA MEN's website now!

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As per Mr. Bonifacio: "No one ever got thin from a diet he didn't do. No one got smarter from the book he didn't read. And no one got wiser from the thought he didn't apply". It does make sense right? Products you apply can only be as effective if you are equipped with the proper knowledge you need. Thanks to NIVEA MEN for bringing every man closer to Discovering the Science of Looking Good!

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