Beeffalo: Budget-friendly American Restaurant in Antipolo

Looking for a budget-friendly American Restaurant in Antipolo? 

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Beeffalo is something you should definitely consider! We really loved what we had during our first visit and it has been one of my favorite restaurants here in Antipolo since then. They don't just offer really good food, but it's also very cheap and affordable! This time, Zomato invited me for a foodie meetup and we've had a handful of dishes. The owner, Sir Louie, is VERY accommodating and has a really good sense of humor. It was really fun sitting with him and listening to his stories on how Beeffalo started and how they run their business. 

Running a business can be tricky and you always have to be innovative and a risk-taker at the same time. That's how they do it in Beeffalo. They always have something new to offer and redesign the place often to ensure that there's always something to look forward to in every visit.

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EDnything_Zomato Beeffalo Antipolo_26

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During the foodie meetup, we've had quite a handful of their dishes:

Their Taco BBQ Salad is a perfect appetizer while waiting for your entrees. It's like nachos-tacos-salad in one. The BBQ sauce surprisingly worked well with the greens.

EDnything_Zomato Beeffalo Antipolo_09
Taco BBQ Salad

For my starter, I ordered the Broccoli-Cheese Soup. It's their newest item since my last visit and I love that it's creamy and every mouthful comes with bits of broccoli.

EDnything_Zomato Beeffalo Antipolo_16
Broccoli - Cheese Soup

We also had what they call as "Biscuit Pizza". With it's thin and crispy crust, it's as if you're really eating biscuits with toppings. We were served the Margherita Pizza and the Three-Cheese Pizza. I loved the Margherita Pizza more. Margherita is one of my favorites when it comes pizzas or burgers. I just love the combination of fresh tomato, basil, and cheese. It's very simple yet tasty.

EDnything_Zomato Beeffalo Antipolo_19
Margherita Pizza

EDnything_Zomato Beeffalo Antipolo_03
Three-Cheese Pizza
The Beeffalo Wings has always been included in my order list whenever I visit Beeffalo. It's a perfect appetizer and also good with rice. READ ABOUT MY FIRST VISIT HERE

EDnything_Zomato Beeffalo Antipolo_10
Beeffalo Wings
I prefer my steak cooked medium-rare. This Porterhouse came well done though. Anyhow, it still is succulent and the sauce really complements well. I also love the mashed potato that came with it.

EDnything_Zomato Beeffalo Antipolo_39

Beeffalo's Baby Back Ribs is one of my favorites among all the dishes served during our visit. The meat is really tender that you can effortlessly eat one rib after the other. I also love the sweet smoky taste enhanced by the sauce that comes with it. I can actually have this full rack in one sitting.

EDnything_Zomato Beeffalo Antipolo_44
Baby Back Ribs

Different as it may seem, I'm very sure that the taste isn't strange to every Filipino that's trying this Sizzling Beef Ribs in Tamarind Gravy. It's basically a sinigang with a twist. Instead of having the usual broth, Beeffalo made use of a gravy for the sauce and grilled beef ribs.

EDnything_Zomato Beeffalo Antipolo_49
Sizzling Beef Ribs in Tamarind Gravy
Though we're already full with all the dishes we've had, we still managed to try out some of Beeffalo's desserts. Who wouldn't be tempted to at least have a bite of these nice looking sweet treats?

EDnything_Zomato Beeffalo Antipolo_73
Banana Creme Brulee

EDnything_Zomato Beeffalo Antipolo_74
Dulce De Leche Cheesecake

EDnything_Zomato Beeffalo Antipolo_95
Brazo de Mercedes

EDnything_Zomato Beeffalo Antipolo_100
Turtle Pie

EDnything_Zomato Beeffalo Antipolo_101
Gabi Ice Cream
Of all the desserts, I really loved the Gabi Ice Cream. It may sound weird but it's surprisingly good! 

So the next time you crave for an American food or steak, try Beeffalo. You'll definitely get your money's worth!

Which of the dishes above looks enticing to you?
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