My Insights on the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie

Just a couple of days ago, GlutaMAX sponsored a block screening of one of the most anticipated superhero movies of the year, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in Uptown Mall, BGC. Some of their celebrity endorsers, TV personalities, and beauty queens graced the event that night. Before the movie starts, they raffled off some goodies and exciting prizes including Marshall headphones, gift certificates, 32" flatscreen TV, and a premium wrist watch. I haven't been so lucky in raffle draws so it's a good thing everyone still brought home these GlutaMAX products. The road to a fairer skin starts now!haha

Moving on, I have been looking forward to Batman v Superman movie as soon as it was announced. I love superheroes, really! And the hype that this movie has gained before it comes out in cinemas made me really excited. As soon as it was released, I've already seen negative comments and reviews about the film. Not a big fan of comics or books though so when I'm watching a superhero, I don't really expect much but an action-packed scenes showcasing their extraordinary abilities. Probably, that's one of the advantages of not being a comic book reader. As long as I get the plot and witness how the superhero defeat the villain, I'm good. 

Anyway, Batman v Superman is not a total disappointment for me. It did give a bit of a backstory on how Bruce Wayne became Batman and how he crossed paths with Superman. I've seen the last Superman movie played by Henry Cavil and there's not much of a difference on how he portrayed his role in this movie. What I wanted to see is how Ben Affleck portray the role of Batman because, I remember, a lot were so disappointed when it was announced that he is gonna do it. Apparently, that changed as soon as the movie was released. I thought Ben's version of Batman isn't that bad at all! As for the villain, Jesse Eisenberg's portrayal of Lex Luthor confused me quite a bit. I've seen Smallville and past Superman movies and his character is more on the serious side. In this movie, he's perky and crazy and, surprisingly, I loved it! I believe he can also do justice playing the role of Joker! On the other hand, Lois Lane (played by Amy Adams) somehow pissed me. She's like digging her own grave and, knowing that Superman's so into her, always kept him out of focus. That scene where she threw the spear into the water and, after realizing that it is the only thing that can defeat the villain, dove to retrieve it and ended up getting drowned is just so annoying! That's just one of the scenes that will make you wish Superman hasn't saved her from Lex until end credits. 

One of my favorite scenes too is when Batman discovered the real identity of Diana Prince (played by Gal Gadot). In that scene, it's not just Wonder Woman who was revealed. Together with hers, Lex's files also revealed The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. I just can't wait for the first Justice League movie! Among all the battle scenes, what brought me up of my seat is when Wonder Woman finally showed up. Kudos to the director for giving her a well-deserved spot. She's just so hot and so fierce! The last scene is unexpected though. 

Though there are some loopholes and questionable scenes in the movie, Batman v Superman still is a movie worth watching. It has been said that most comic or novel-based movies released in the past were quite far from what was written so, if you're a hardcore fan, probably just lower your expectation and might as well enjoy this one. 

Thanks again GlutaMAX! 

What's your favorite scene in the movie? I would love to see your comments below! 
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