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Looking for the best place to hold your team building?

This summer, instead of having the usual outing, our company hosted a one-day corporate team building event in a 12-hectare property in Antipolo, the Phillip's Sanctuary. With our whole week spent within a concrete jungle, it just feels so good to be one with the nature this time and be surrounded by just trees, mountains, and good company. 

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_251

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Swimming Pool

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Pools

Upon arrival, I just can't wait to dive in the pool and stroll around their mini forest. But, that has to wait. As we start the day, it's really nice to see that everyone is up for all challenges despite the hot temp. With everyone's game face on and feeling competitive, the long day started with these fun Icebreaker Games:


EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Picture Me

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Picture Me_02


EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Centipede Race

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Centipede Race_03

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Centipede Race_02


EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Unity Walk

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Unity Walk_03

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Unity Walk_02


EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Acid River

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Acid River_03

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Acid River_02


EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Poles and Tires

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Poles and Tires_03

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Poles and Tires_02

After the tiring icebreaker games, we had a quick snack and headed to our next set of relay-type activities: the Low Rope Courses.

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Tension Traverse

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Traverse Rope

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_U Rope

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Low Ropes Course 01

We then had our lunch and a short rest to prepare for even more tiring and challenging activities: the Team Challenge Course.

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Spider Web

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Spider Web

10ft WALL

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_10ft Wall

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_10ft Wall_02

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_10ft Wall_03


EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Low V-Cables

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Low V Cables


EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Tight Rope_01

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Tight Rope_03

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Tight Rope_02

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Tight Rope_03

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Tight Rope_02

We've skipped some of the activities and proceeded to the last course: the Obstacle Course. It consists of a series of obstacles that each team member has to go through. 


EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Net Climb


EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Mud Crawl_02

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Mud Crawl_01


EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_Monkey Bars

Before the day ends, we had a short awarding where our facilitators announced the winners per course. Of course, everyone wanted to win but it's just a cherry on top. What's important is that all of us had a great time. The fun team building activities we did are all about team work and strategy. Regardless of the position, everyone were so into the games and were given the chance to voice out and share a strategy that will work to get through each round. Despite the scorching heat of the sun and the stressful week we had at work, the fun we had and the camaraderie we built in this one-day event is truly a memorable one.

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_124

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_59

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_105

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_104

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_57

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_50

EDnything_Phillip's Sanctuary_15

If you're looking for a place to have your team building, Phillip's Sanctuary is definitely a great choice. Here are some of the reasons why:


  • They have awesome facilitators who are very patient, in-the-know, and encouraging! 
  • They also keep track of the time that each team finished a challenge. This can be very helpful if you're planning to put up a healthy competition amongst all teams in your group.
  • Organizing a company event sure does require a lot of time and effort. Don't worry because on the day itself, the committee will just have to oversee and enjoy the rest of the day.
  • There's so much you can do here! Aside from the fun team building activities, you can also do fishing, ziplining, camping, swimming, biking, and kayaking/rafting.
  • The place is so big and nice! If you're up for nature tripping or just looking for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle in the city, you'll surely love it here!
  • Phillip's Sanctuary offers a complete itinerary so, yeah, you can already cross that out from your list. This is actually one of the reasons why we shortlisted them in our choices. You can try all or just choose from their list of fun activities. Here's what they offered us when we're inquiring:
Phillip's Sanctuary Itinerary
We wanted to have at least a few hours of free time for relaxing, swimming, and whatnots, so we just selected the activities we want.


Phillip's Sanctuary is located in a secluded area in Antipolo. It's quite far from the city so prepare for a long drive.

If you're providing a service to all participants, vans and cars are the best mode of transportation to use. The parking area is just short walk from the main activity areas. You may also hire a bus but the narrow road to Phillip's Sanctuary won't let you bring it inside the premises. You have to go down the main road and walk (or should I say trek?) to reach the place.

If you're just commuting, you can take a jeep going to Cogeo then go down at Cogeo Market. From there, ride another jeep going to Paenaan and ask the driver to drop you at Cabading. From Cabading, ride a tricycle to Phillip's Sanctuary. Tricycle fare costs Php150. 

Don't mind about the long travel because the place is totally worth it! For more info about Phillip's Sanctuary, you may visit their website at

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