Discover a new way to enjoy corned beef with the new Shakey's Corned Beef Crrrunch!

Pizza is one of my favorites because almost any ingredients that you put in it won't really disappoint your taste buds. If even the weirdest flavors of pizza turned out surprisingly good, what more if two of our favorites are combined into one comforting delight?

Shakey's Pizza explores comfort food with a twist and introduces it's newest pizza flavor: the Corned Beef Crrrunch Pizza!

Held at the Shakey's store along Buendia, our favorite pizza brand recently launched their newest pizza flavor that will surely become a hit. Having the perfect formula of a pizza favorite, the new Shakey's Corned Beef Crrrunch Pizza combines the irresistibly good premium corned beef and their Signature Thin Crust that's crispy and tasty topped by light and sweet caramelized onions, soft, salty, and crumbly feta cheese, and savory shoestring potatoes. What more can you ask for right?

Shakey's newest store along Buendia
Look at that generous serving of the delicious premium corned beef! 

Hosts Chino Lui Pio and Janeena Chan were joined by the gorgeous athlete Michelle Gumabao and DJ Tony Toni of Boys Night Out as they shared their Shakey's experience. Well, based on their stories, I can't really blame their families and friends for being so excited to try the pizza delivered for them.

Hosts Chino Lui Pio and Janeena Chan joined by Michelle Gumabao and DJ Tony Toni

Check out this short clip to know what else happened during the launch:

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You may enjoy the new Shakey's Corned Beef Crrrunch Pizza in various sizes at an affordable price:

  • Regular size - Php235
  • Large size - Php395
  • Party size - Php530
  • Regular size - Php305
  • Large size - Php460
  • Party size - Php595

Let's all discover a new way to enjoy corned beef with the Shakey's Corned Beef Crrrunch! For more information, LIKE Shakey's Pizza on Facebook and FOLLOW @shakeysph on Instagram.

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