Get Your Dose Of Craze in the New Season Of GeeTV

Everyone has our own crazy side. Be yourself and people with surely love you for it!

For host/radio DJ turned celebrity/actress Gee Canlas, she enjoys performing and showing her crazy persona in front of the camera or a live audience. She's never hesitant to just be herself and that's what I loved about her. More than her gorgeous looks and hourglass physique, Gee has so much to offer when it comes to comedy scene. Being part of GMA sitcom's "A1 Ko Sa'yo", Gee shared that her role as Tintin is becoming to be one of her most memorable experiences in acting. 

"The thing that I love most about acting is that you can step out of yourself and create new mannerisms and characters. It gives me an excuse to be crazy, sentimental, cooky, and goofy. I have never played a sexy role and here [in A1 Ko Sa'yo], I get to explore her character as a quirky, sexy model-wannabe under Digna (Jaclyn Jose)'s character in the show. I've always been used to roles that show me as just goofy and doesn't highlight my physique and how I dress, and now it's a cool experience that funny can be sexy too"

Other than her sitcom A1 Ko Sa'yo, Gee gets to showcase more of her fun and comic side in real life through her own show, GeeTV. It's an online sketch series tackling relevant issues and social trends presented in the funniest ways possible.

And just recently, Gee launched the newest season of GeeTV in The Brewery At The Palace. With the theme "Be Your Kind Of Craze", the event brought out the craziness in every guest as Gee and the hosts engaged them in fun games and shared good laughs as stand-up comedians entertained everyone with their hilarious acts. 

Gee with some of the bloggers during the launch

"I want GeeTV to be the number one Comedy Hub in the world! For me, Pinoy humour is so unique, and if the world gets to see it, and appreciate it, that is sharing our culture, sharing who we are. After all, we are already known to the world to be always smiling, bouncing back from calamities, and what better way to highlight that more than come out with a channel that showcases our true humour."

If you want a good laugh and your dose of craze, don't miss a single episode of GeeTV as it broadcasts every Wednesday at 8pm in and

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