THEATER REVIEW: Suicide Incorporated

Suicide Incorporated is an eye-opener theater production that raises awareness on suicide and aims to shed light on mental health issues.

Simple set, pure passionate acting, and a serious interesting plot that's very relevant and timely. 

But how can a very serious matter be given a comedic approach? That's the first thing that came into my mind when I first learned about Suicide Incorporated. Surprisingly, the delivery of each actor is just so effective that I find myself laughing on some scenes. They actually call it 'dark humor'. 

Suicide Incorporated revolves around the life of Jason (played by Hans Eckstein), the newest hire of Legacy Letters - a company that helps clients craft the perfect suicide note. Each character involved have their own struggles in life that will be revealed as the story goes along. With all the problems being faced by Jason, he has his brother, Tommy (played by Bibo Reyes), by his side joining him during his lone times. Tommy has some secrets of his own that, once unfolded, will help you understand Jason's character more. Meanwhile, thinking that Jason has his own agenda with the way he behaves, Scott (played by Jeremy Domingo), the CEO and owner of Legacy Letters makes sure that his company's objectives and mission are on track despite the different approach exhibited by his writer. He had high hopes that Jason can do the job but had to keep an eye on he does it. On the other hand, helping Scott in the business is his ever loyal employee, Perry (played by Chino Veguillas). The character of Perry adds up the fun factor giving a lighter take on such a heavy plot. A confrontation with Scott, whom he looks up to, changed his positive outlook that later on had him resort to a shocking decision. And lastly, Norm (played by Mako Alonso, alternating with George Schulze), Jason's first client, dwelled too much on the issue between him and his partner. He's been struggling to voice out how he really feels that made him reach out to Legacy Letters. Jason looks at him as his mission but later on had become an instrument for his realizations that changed his life. 

Suicide Incorporated provides an avenue for everyone to learn more about suicide and gives an idea on how to prevent someone from committing it. It isn't a laughing matter and should be taken seriously. Depression is just one of the main factors why someone would take his/her life. Based on statistics, more men has the tendency to commit suicide compared to women. Why? Because, by nature, it is very rare for men to speak out. Personally speaking, I'm having a hard time voicing out my thoughts too. Although there are some instances that I tend to rant, most of the time, I would just keep my problems to myself and find a way to solve it on my own. Don't worry, suicide isn't one of my options. :)

Another thing that I've learned from this play is the IMPORTANCE OF LISTENING. When you encounter someone that's full of negativities (oh you'll find this a lot in social media), do not just brush it off. Sometimes, it pays off to listen. Who knows, you might change ones life too.

Suicide Incorporated is produced by Twin Bill Theater and is directed by Steven Conde. The show will run from July 15-31 at the P.A.R.C (Performing Arts and Recreation Center) located in 494 Lt. Artiaga Street, San Juan. Here are the playdates:

JULY 15 – FRI – 8 PM
JULY 16 – SAT – 8 PM
JULY 17 – SUN – 3 PM
JULY 22 – FRI – 8 PM
JULY 23 – SAT – 8 PM
JULY 24 – SUN – 3 PM
JULY 29 - FRI -- - 8 PM
JULY 30 – SAT -- - 3 PM / 8 PM
JULY 31 - SUN -- - 3 PM

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