GMA introduces their newest loveteams: DaveLind & JayRa

GMA newest loveteams: DaveLind & JayRa
GMA newest loveteams: DaveLind & JayRa

In a blogcon held at Caffe Pascucci, the GMA Artist Center introduced their newest pair of loveteams that we should watch out for: DaveLind is composed of One Up's Dave Bornea and Lindsay de Vera, while JayRa has One Up's Jay Arcilla & Arra San Agustin, who are both from GMA's reality star search show, Starstruck.

Meet GMA Artist Center's newest loveteams: DaveLind & JayRa

On competition with some of the popular loveteams, they believe that each is unique and has something to offer to their fans. When asked of their favorite loveteam, both couples are actually looking up to GMA's most popular loveteam-turned-real-life couple, DongYan composed of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. Although it's too early to tell though, and the fact they they are all still young, they are not thinking of getting into something more serious beyond their pair ups. Instead, they want to focus more on their career especially now that they've been given this break.

Of course, a loveteam won't be as effective if there's no connection. Luckily, these two pairs have known and been together for quite sometime already. JayRa started both in Starstruck while DaveLind have attended workshops together where the management saw their potential as a couple. They also got the chance to know each other personally and here's what they have to say about their partners:

Being given this opportunity in their career, the couples are very grateful and promised to do their best to prove to everyone that they are truly deserving of this big break. Will they be able to keep up with some of the popular loveteams that has now dominated the showbiz industry? That is for us to find out in their upcoming projects.
DaveLind: Dave Bornea & Lindsay de Vera
DaveLind: Dave Bornea & Lindsay de Vera
For now, you may catch DaveLind in GMA's newest TV series, Alyas Robin Hood. Dave is playing the role of Julian Balbuena, Maggie’s second child and Dean’s half-brother, and Lindsay is Lizzy de Jesus, Pepe’s niece and a daughter to Caloy and Judy. Alyas Robin Hood runs from Monday to Friday on GMA Telebabad, right after Encantadia.

JayRa: Jay Arcilla & Arra San Agustin
JayRa: Jay Arcilla & Arra San Agustin

JayRa, on the other hand, is set to hit your TV screens in their upcoming rom-com series, Usapang Real Love (URL). Arra will be playing the role of Meg, the ex-girlfriend of Andre Paras' character, while Jay is playing the role of Kristoff, a guy who has a hidden admiration to his bestfriend, Ella (portrayed by Mikee Quintos). As of now, there's just limited information that the two can share let's just watch out for it real soon.

Here's the full interview of DaveLind and JayRa:

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