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Why choose beauty over quality when you can have both? When it comes to my stuff, I make sure that I'm getting my money's worth. I always consider both durability and visual appeal when buying an item. I'd rather spend a few more bucks for a quality item over something that I know won't even last long.

I do love to travel, yes! I've already invested on some things that I always bring with me during trips. And since it isn't something that I can do in a weekly nor monthly basis for now, I make sure that my travel necessities will last long until my next trip. 

Let me share with you some of these stylish must-haves that come in handy during your fun adventures around the world:

1. Passport Wallet

Your passport is your key to travelling abroad. It serves as your identification when you're out of the country that's why you always have to safe guard it at all times.

There are so many passport holders available in the market but what I love about World Juanderer's Passport Wallet is that it doesn't just protect my protect my passport, but it can also store my IDs, cards, and money at the same time. For me, It's better than having a separate wallet to be mindful of. Less worries means more time to enjoy my trip!

2. Luggage Tag

Who says a tiny item isn't as important and as functional as the others? Small as it may seem, a luggage tag is definitely a must-have whenever you travel because, I bet, you don't want to lose your stuff when you are half way across the world. Though there are so many cute tags out there that are definitely an eye-catcher, unfortunately, it isn't just the thing that should be factored in. Without the knowledge on how your things are being handled as soon as you check it in, your identification tag should be durable as well to avoid losing your stuff or have someone grab the wrong luggage. 

What I love about this World Juanderer luggage tag is that it gets to satisfy both my needs and wants in a single sophisticated tiny item. I like that it's design is so simple yet the leather finish makes it really look elegant and stylish.

3. Travel/Food Journal

If you're into documenting your trips the traditional way, this Moleskin journal sure does come in handy. Aside from the famous tourist spots that each country has to offer, food is also one of the things I always look forward to whenever I visit a place. This journal has the basics that you need to know about restaurants and it has a lot of space for you to write about your food trips and whatnots.

World Juanderer does not just offer the above must-have travel merchandises. Whether you're up for a simple trip or a luxury travel experience, they have the perfect travel package that's right within your budget. 

Check out what World Juanderer has to offer by visiting them at

What's your favorite travel must-haves?
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