Zero Halliburton is now in the Philippines!

Zero Halliburton is now in the Philippines

Honestly, I have zero knowledge about Zero Halliburton until it was introduced in the Philippines just recently. And for those who haven't heard about it yet, here's an interesting trivia about the brand:

Zero Halliburton is a brand that has been existing for 80 long years already. In 1969, their iconic aluminum briefcase was brought to a mission to store rock and soil samples. Where, you might be wondering? To the moon! No kidding, it was brought in by NASA for the successful Apollo 11 lunar mission.

So, withstanding whatever is out there in the universe, I can say that this brand has definitely perfected the formula of a really tough and durable luggage.

Zero Halliburton Luggages

As Zero Halliburton opens its first flagship store in the Philippines, the luggage brand is introducing its iconic aluminum briefcase along with their other collection to the Filipino market.

As the company continues to expand and innovate, Zero Halliburton has reinvented its design and materials to cater to the business travelers. Aside from luggages, they now have wheeled business bags, pilot cases, backpacks, and duffel bags. In fact, the brand had signed the famous Brazilian football superstar Ronaldinho of FC Barcelona as their latest brand endorser.

The Limited Edition Zero Halliburton - Ronaldinho collection

Over the years, the brand's seamless cast, durable built, and superior protection has won over travelers, from business professionals and executives to stylish and high-flying wanderers.

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Zero Halliburton Luggages

Now that you've been formally introduced to the brand, go ahead and drop by the first Zero Halliburton store in the Philippines located in S Maison in Conrad Manila and see for yourself.

Zero Halliburton store opening in S Maison in Conrad Manila

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