Get Overloaded Deal as Greenwich celebrates the Friendship Month

At this point in my life, gone are those days where we spend the whole night partying at some of the most popular bars in the metro. Since we're not getting any younger (yes, we've already accepted it), me and my friends now prefer staying at one's place, singing our hearts out, playing our favorite board games, or binge-watching our favorite series on Netflix. 

And if there's one thing that's always present in a barkada bonding, it's the food! 

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload

As Greenwich celebrates the Friendship Month, they are putting the spotlight on it's best-selling Hawaiian Overload pizza. Also available in Crispy Thins, the ever famous Greenwich Hawaiian pizza is fully loaded with glazed pineapples, premium ham, bacon bits, green bell peppers, covered in mozzarella and cheddar cheese. 

Greenwich is also delivering up to 1AM so your late night cravings is definitely covered! Just dial #5-55-55 and you'll get your favorite pizza in no time!

Now, who wants some pizza?

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