UnionBank ARK: The Future of Banking in the Philippines

Imagine doing your bank transactions without the hassle of paperworks. Or explore the interiors of your dream car and walk right into a condo unit you've been wanting to get before applying for a bank loan.

Introducing UnionBank's The ARK

In this modern age of technology, UnionBank is launching yet another innovation that is deemed to be the future of banking in the country. The ARK is the first fully digital bank branch in the Philippines that uses digital technology to augment an actual banking experience. 

The ARK was established by UnionBank to address the common pain points in banking. Falling in line, getting a number before being attended to, spending a lot of time in the bank which could have been used in, otherwise, more productive endeavors. It is also meant to satisfy the diverse and changing needs of our customers
UnionBank President and Chief Operations Officer (COO) Edwin R. Bautista

When we do transactions on a regular bank, the normal process is we get a number, fill up a form, and wait for our turn. You're lucky if you're done in 10 minutes or so. But if you're visiting during payday or peak hours, sometimes it takes hours just to do a single transaction. And worst, you cannot use your mobile phones inside so imagine how boring it is to wait for your turn, right? For people who are always on the go, this is definitely a huge hassle. 

The ARK provides a service unlike any other. There are no lines, no numbers, hardly any forms to fill up, just highly-trained bank ambassadors ready and happy to give personalized service to each and every client. Every client here receives the proverbial VIP service
UnionBank President and Chief Operations Officer (COO) Edwin R. Bautista

Inside UnionBank ARK, first thing I've noticed is that there are no counters and queues, the area is so spacious, and comfortable couches and digital screens are everywhere. This is how UnionBank will address the common pain points of their customers. 

In The ARK, the customer experience is totally different from that of a regular bank. Upon entering, transactions are to be done through tablets that will be handed over to the customers. If you're not a tech savvy, there's nothing to worry about because The ARK's friendly bank ambassadors are there to assist. 

Of course, waiting is still inevitable. The ARK, however, offers high-speed internet and an espresso area that their guests can enjoy for free while waiting for their transactions to be completed. This will definitely ease the boredom of waiting and customers also get to maximize their time at The ARK. I can already imagine myself working on my laptop while waiting for my turn. No time wasted just to do my bank errands for the day! 

UnionBank trailblazed digital banking in the Philippines and we continue with our efforts to use technology and enhancing digital banking capabilities in order to provide the best customer experience for our clients.
UnionBank Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Justo A. Ortiz
UnionBank has recently been awarded as the Best Digital Bank at the Asiamoney Banking Awards 2017, held at The Ritz-Carlton in Beijing, China, last September 26, validating its position as the best digital bank in the country.

The ARK is indeed a great step towards better banking in the country. As this is a work in progress, we're expecting to see and experience huge improvement on how we do bank transactions in the future.

Currently, The ARK is located at the Ground Floor of Insular Life Building in Ayala Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati City. (Hopefully) Soon, UnionBank plans to open more ARK branches nationwide, bringing the future of banking closer to their customers. 
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