Why is Changing Partners considered a hugot musical?

The award-winning musical-turned-movie, Changing Partners, will have a re-staging and it's gonna be bigger and different! 

Changing Partners is actually a personal experience of the writer, Vincent de Jesus. It all started out with a story about a gay couple that eventually evolved, which made up this entire complex-looking storyline. Well to clarify, the storyline isn't really as complicated as you think as the actors put it. It's basically a single story told from different perspectives - straight couple, gay/lesbian couple, same age generation, and a May-December love affair. Now, that alone makes this production even more interesting to see.

During a quick chat with the people behind this successful production, we are to expect some changes on the piece for their fourth run - from the music, set design , to the way the actors take their roles, and applying some learnings they've had after doing the movie last year.

Changing Partners will have a limited run at PETA Theater Center on May 11, 12, 13, 19, and 20. Get your tickets now at Ticketworld!

Let's discuss about LOVE...

Changing Partners is considered to be a "hugot" piece of art that surely everyone can relate to. Love is a one thing that each and everyone experience regardless of the preference and status. So, why a "hugot" musical you ask? Listed here are some of the quotes I picked up during our conversation with the cast and creators as they shared their own experiences and learnings - be it personal or through the course of making this musical: 
  • It is easier for younger people to fall in love because they're not as jaded as the older ones yet
  • Older ones has a timeframe/deadline. Sayang 'yung nasa end ka na ng edad mo, tapos ang haba ng relationship, kapag nag-end, sad ka ulet. Mas masakit yun
  • Throw all caution to the wind. Kung in love ka, in love ka na lang
  • Kahit handa ka masaktan, it doesn't make the pain lesser. You just have to go through it.
  • From the OST: Kung 'di mo sya kilala, madali kang maniniwala sa mga kwento n'yang akala mo'y totoo
  • From the OST: 'Yung pakiramdam na gusto mong yakapin pero nasasakal. Itutulak ka, 'di raw s'ya makahinga.
  • (For those who have failed relationships) Pick up the pieces and move on. Kapit lang!
  • (For the millenials) Panoorin 'nyo para maisip 'nyo na dapat unahin 'nyo muna ang sarili 'nyo
  • Relationship is a serious thing. You need to commit, you need to share, you need to be there all the time.
  • Kung sa tingin mo hindi ka pa ready, don't enter that relationship.
Agree or you think otherwise? Let's have a discussion in the comments section below. 

Learn more about Changing Partners. Watch here:

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