Start the year right with good health and proper nutrition for you and your family

Eating alone may not be enough especially if we do not know the proper diet our body requires to meet our everyday needs. This may result to nutrition gaps, which may eventually lead to diseases. And as we age, our body tends to deteriorate and become more prone to vitamins and nutrients defficiencies.

Usually, we just eat what we want to eat without even considering or looking at the nutrients we actually get from these food. And this is where vitamins and supplements come in. They aid in providing our body with enough nutrients, which helps fill in the nutritional gap and provides us strong immunity to fight diseases.

In reality, some of us may not be that concerned about health and that has to change already! These past few years has taught us about how important it is to have good health and a strong immune system. And there is no better way to start the year right than looking after and taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, right? 

That said, Abbott is your partner in making sure you get good health and proper nutrition for you and your family this 2022! 

On January 19, customers get to enjoy huge discounts on Abbott supplement drinks. Avail up to 35% discount on Ensure Ready-to-Drink and up to 30% on Ensure Powder and Glucerna products. 

On this day, you may also avail any of these bundles that are exclusively available in Abbott's Shopee store:

[ONLINE EXCLUSIVE] Ensure Gold HMB Vanilla 3.2KG for Adult Nutrition Bundle of 3

Ensure Gold is an adult nutritional supplement powder drink that provides complete nutrition for use as a meal supplement or replacement. This drink has been clinically proven to improve strength and immunity with proper diet and nutrition. Ensure Gold also contains HMB, a natural ingredient that the body produces less with age, which aids in the better absorption of proteins to repair and maintain muscle mass. 

[ONLINE EXCLUSIVE] Glucerna Vanilla 1.8KG for Diabetic Nutrition Bundle of 3

Glucerna is a dietary supplement that supports the needs of people with diabetes. Its improved formula that is 4x more inositol and high in chromium help in maintaining normal blood glucose levels. Glucerna has a dual fiber blend that aids digestion and an advanced blend of low glycemic carbohydrates to help support the dietary management of diabetics. It is also packed with vitamins and nutrients including Omega-3 and Omega-6, and Vitamin D that helps support calcium absorption and improves bone strength.

Aside from these discounts and bundles, Abbott is also offering some shop vouchers that can get you even more savings before checking out. So don't miss these amazing deals and head on to the Abbott Shopee page now!

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