Asia's Got Talent Auditions: Miss Tres

We’ve seen them audition in Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 and was able to reach the semifinals round. The Miss Tres is composed of Conrady a.k.a. Angel, Mama Mia a.k.a. Romeo, and Mariko a.k.a. Joselito.

In Asia’s Got Talent, they did the same audition piece they did in Pilipinas Got Talent and, as expected, the crowd and the judges went wild as soon as they started singing. You can really see the amazement in every facial expressions you’ll see in the video because, aside from dressing up like a lady and having a man’s voice, these ladies/guys can actually sing! They did turn the venue into a party place towards the end as the crown started dancing as they sing. 

Check out the judges' reactions and comments on the singing trio:

Anggun: I did not see that coming…With your outfit and the voice, you really got our attention.

David: I’m going to say YES!

Van Ness: ...alright yes!

Mel C: You are so entertaining and so much fun…YES!

Edward Santos

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