The kids of GSIS get creative this summer with PETA!

During summer, parents are looking for activities that their kids can do while on vacation. I remember when I was a kid, I attended several classes like swimming, judo, and arts & crafts. There are so many groups offering summer classes and some companies are actually offering these to their employees' kids. 


Every year, the Government Service Insurance System, or GSIS, seeks activities that will help the kids of their employees do something production and fun during vacation. This does not just benefit the kids, but it's also a great way to encourage and develop bonds among families. This year, the GSIS summer program, a month-long program for kids and teens aged 4 to 13, is focused on promoting creative expression and there's no other way to bring out the artist within every kid than through theater. GSIS has partnered with the Philippine Educational Theater Association, or better known as PETA, and offered a series of focused workshops such as creative storytelling, puppetry & visual arts, and drama. 


As part of the PETA Summer Program, the participants showcase their learnings through a performance or by simply presenting their own original performance and artwork every end of the week. These showcases are attended by the members and parents of the workshop participants. 

Here are some testimonials from the parents who had their kids attend one of the workshops:

"My daughter is really enjoying the workshops. She gets to meet new friends and the most important thing is that she has learned how to participate. She's only  4 years old. Nakatulong din talaga sa kanya para pagdating din ng school year, she'll get to participate and be more active in school activities.", expresses Anne Guste after watching her daughter perform in their first showcase on Creative Storytelling.
"Her teachers have been telling me that she's really good in the visual arts. The workshop became an avenue for me to discover something different about my daughter that I feel I need to develop and that's really nice for parents like us.", Atty. Jane Quimsing explaining how the workshop helped her discover her daughter's potential in arts.

The GSIS Children's Summer Workshop started last April 4 and will commence on the first week of May.

The PETA Summer Program is an ongoing event where you can choose from 8 different courses. I, myself, had a first hand experience on how they run their workshops and, believe me, I had so much fun and learned so many things even in a short period of time.  If you're interested in attending or sending your kids to the PETA Summer Program, you may contact them at 725-6244, 0921-522-1728, or email them at 

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