PETA Summer Program 2016

The last time I set my foot on stage as an actor was decades ago. When I got an email from PETA about a 1-day workshop, I didn't think twice! Never had it crossed my mind that I'll get to experience a workshop with a well-known theater group in the country. I got really excited as I get to do what I've been missing doing!

Our day started with a tour inside the PETA Theater Center located in Quezon City. John and Ada gave us an introduction on what PETA is. Founded by Cecile Guidote Alvarez, PETA has been in the industry for almost 50 years now and is really doing a great job in promoting Philippine society and culture through their productions. I remember I've undergone a brief workshop with her years ago when I was chosen to be part of a presentation during an Earth Day celebration. 

They also toured us inside the set of their ongoing production, 3 Stars And A Sun. The show narrates what our country has been through and issues that we are still facing up until now through a futuristic storyline integrating the patriotic masterpieces of The Master Rapper, Francis Magalona.

PETA's 3 Stars And A Sun will run until March 6, 2016 at the PETA Theater Center.

Following the tour is an experience I would never forget! PETA gave us a first-hand experience on how they do their workshops. Every summer, PETA opens a workshop to the public who wants to explore the world of theater arts.

We started up with an activity to loosen up and tapped the inner child in each of the participants. We had a game-like activity that let's us interact with the group. It was our first time to meet so it's a great way to start the workshop. It was then followed by an activity that helped us familiarize each other's name. I really enjoyed it because, instead of just plainly memorizing the names of everyone, we have to call out someone's name by showing different emotions from the given scenarios. After the getting-to-know activity, we did the human tableau where we have to pose as objects that can be found inside a room assigned to us. And lastly, again we were given a scenario where we have to act as trees - cut down, replanted, and grew up so high as if it wanted to touch the sky (hence, the image below). We really had a great time and the activities we did instantly create a bond amongst us that only met that day. Overall, our 1-day workshop is indeed a fun learning experience. If fun isn't what you're seeing in the picture below, then I don't know what that is.

Photo by: Vic Altiche


If you wanna have the same fun experience that we had, you may enroll to PETA's Summer Program that will run from April 4 to May 27, 2016. This year, they are offering a total of 8 courses:

Ages 6-8
14 sessions for Php 10,000 (Venue: PETA Theater Center)
10 sessions for Php 11,000 (Venue: Pineapple Lab)

Develop your child's imagination and self-confidence as they acquire habits of discipline through rhythmic movement, dance, songs, games, painting, puppetry, storytelling, and role-playing using various fun-filled creative processes.

Ages 9-12
14 sessions for Php 10,000 (Venue: PETA Theater Center)
10 sessions for Php 11,000 (Venue: Pineapple Lab)

Let your kids explore and enjoy music, body movement, dance, visual arts, poetry, short story writing, storytelling, and drama improvisation coupled with fun and games.

Ages 13-16
16 sessions for Php 10,000 (Venue: PETA Theater Center)
10 sessions for Php 11,000 (Venue: Pineapple Lab)

Challenge the adventurous nature of the youth through PETA's unique Integrated Theater Arts approach composed of creative drama, sound and music, creative writing, body movement and dance, and visual arts. 

Ages 17 & up
20 sessions for Php 11,000 (Venue: PETA Theater Center)
10 sessions for Php 11,000 (Venue: Pineapple Lab)

Immerse in a unique artistic experience and learn the fundamental knowledge, skills, attitudes in theater production, theater history, theater appreciation, as well as criticism.

Ages 18 & up
20 sessions for Php11,000 (Venue: PETA Theater Center)

Learn the rudiments of acting; how to use the elements and principles of composition; and apply the qualities of a good performance using the body, voice, and imagination.

Ages 16 & up
20 sessions for Php 11,000 (Venue: PETA Theater Center)

Voice out your innate talents in musical theater. Revel in a resounding feast for the ears in a workshop for stage performers who are inclined to music. A course full of musical explorations as well as the elements of musical performance and forms of musical theater.

Ages 16 & up
10 sessions for Php 8,000 (Venue: PETA Theater Center)

Envision worlds and make it come to life with our visual arts course. Illuminate your life with grandiose colors, elaborate shapes, and playful lines as you tell your story through drawing & painting!

Ages 60 & up
10 sessions for Php 8,000 (Venue: PETA Theater Center)

Stretch, reach, and get moving! Relive life stories, create new ones, see and experience everything through the lenses of theater and art. Get ready for an exciting adventure as you plunge into the spotlight!

If interested to join, you may contact PETA between Tuesday and Friday, from 10am to 6pm. Look for Tina Sablayan and set an appointment for the enrollment interview. 

PETA Contact Details:
Phone: (02) 725-6244 / (0905) 369-6003

PETA SUMMER PROGRAM 2016THEATER WORKSHOPS FOR ALL!Get ready for our biggest summer program yet! 2 new courses and workshops at a satellite venue down south.Visit to know more about our annual theater workshops. You may also contact PETA at 725 6244, 0905 369 6003, or to inquire! See you at the theater! #PETAWorkshop #PETASummerProgram
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