SkyRanch Date With Danaya: Who is Sanya Lopez?

Who is Sanya Lopez?

As soon as the Encantadia remake cast were announced last month, almost everyone was like "Who is Sanya Lopez?"

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We spent a day with Sanya at SkyRanch in Tagaytay and had a rare chance of getting to know her more. We were told that she personally chose the SkyRanch as the venue because she's adventurous and loves theme park rides no matter how extreme it is. That alone somehows reflects her similarity with Sang'gre Danaya, the role she's portraying in the Encantadia remake that was previously played by Diana Zubiri.

Sanya is quite new to the industry. She was discovered by the late German Moreno when she visited her brother during a taping of Walang Tulugan. That conversation has changed her life since then. Until now, she doesn't know what Kuya Germs saw in her to give her such opportunity. Well, apparently, there must be really something in her to be given a break as big and prestigious as Encantadia.
Sanya has no idea which character she's auditioning for so she studied all of them before she auditioned. Luckily, after a few callbacks where she was asked to try the roles of Lira, Alena, and Danaya (twice), she made it to the final list and even got one of the main roles of the series. It hasn't sunk in to her yet for a while until it was officially announced and sees herself wearing the costume of Danaya.

In preparing for the role of Danaya, she has to stick to her kamote diet and do regular workouts to maintain a fit body. She's also undergoing arnis training for her fight scenes. She's also thankful to her three other Encantadia sisters, Glaiza, Kylie, and Gabbi, for guiding her and giving her helpful tips to bring out the best in her. 

As compared to the original series, the Encantadia now is more modern in terms of the effects. The effects in Encantadia before has set the bar in Philippine fantaseryes and it is definitely one of the things the fans are looking forward to in this remake.

Here are more personal fun-facts we found out about Sanya: 
  • She's the lone sister of Jak Roberto
  • She's not choosy when it comes to food
  • She's adventurous and she likes "buwis-buhay" rides (that's why she chose SkyRanch to be our venue)
  • During her free time, she works out and loves reading books
  • She loves watching horror, sci-fi, and action movies
  • She likes spicy foods
  • After Encantadia, she's looking forward to doing some action films
  • She admires Jennylyn Mercado and her local showbiz crush is Dennis Trillo
  • In Hollywood, she loves Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron
  • She's very close to LGBT
And lastly, on her bashers, Sanya fully understands the comments and negative comments she's getting. She treats each one as a constructive criticism and hoping that people will get to love her as soon as they see the hardwork she's given to her first major TV series.

So who is Sanya Lopez? She's a young fine budding actress that's determined and dedicated to do better in her craft.

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