HOOQ Hangouts with Piolo Pascual

Instead of braving the severe traffic brought by the heavy rains last Friday, I opted to just spend it by joining the HOOQ Hangouts held at the Globe Iconic Store in BGC.

hooq hangouts (2 of 12)
With my HOOQ Hangouts buddies: Rodel Flordeliz and Earth Rullan (Photo Credits: Rodel Flordeliz)
HOOQ Hangouts is a free-of-charge event showcasing blockbuster movies in the biggest outdoor cinema venue at the Globe Iconic Entertainment Zone in BGC. Aside from the movie, participants also get to enjoy on-ground activities, free popcorn, and some raffle prizes. 

For the second HOOQ Hangouts, #LovePinoy was the theme where they featured Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban's movie, Every Breath U Take. It's a story about a girl named Majoy who relies so much on signs in finding her true love. She later on crossed paths with a playboy named Leo whom she experienced the signs she wished for. Her pursuance totally changed the latter's outlook on love and relationship. 

Every Breath U Take starring Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban

With the start of the –Ber months everyone is expecting the weather to be a bit colder, so we chose a romantic comedy that’s guaranteed to rekindle that warm fuzzy feeling and make our subscribers feel some Pinoy Love,.Jane Cruz-Walker, Country Manager of HOOQ Philippines

The movie isn't just the highlight of the night. The venue was jampacked because the star of the movie himself, Piolo Pascual, dropped by and welcomed everyone to the event.

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Here's pretty much what happened during the 2nd HOOQ Hangouts:

If you're up for more Pinoy movies and tv series, sign up at www.hooq.tv now and enjoy thousands of your favorite local content from ABS-CBN, Regal Films, Viva, and GMA via streaming or download. Globe customers may also get free access to HOOQ with selected GoSURF mobile data plans and as well as Broadband Plan 1299 and up. 

See you on the next HOOQ Hangouts!

Instead of braving the severe traffic brought by the heavy rains last Friday, I opted to just spend it by joining the HOOQ Hangouts held...

PETA Theater Center presents Vincent de Jesus' Changing Partners

The PETA Theater Center houses Vincent De Jesus’ newest production, CHANGING PARTNERS, a torch musical that explores the alchemy of relationships and  questions the nature of fidelity and the complex issues partners face regardless of gender.

Opening at the PETA Theater Center in October, CHANGING PARTNERS is an intimate peek inside Cris and Alex’s challenging May-December relationship. Though most people would glance skeptically at May-December romances, they also accept them, depending on the couple’s gender and who gets to be ‘December’ and who gets to be ‘May’.


CHANGING PARTNERS was a staged-reading entry for the 2016 Virgin Labfest last July. A multi-awarded composer and writer, De Jesus has lent his talent to many theater productions and movies in his 33 years in the arts, including the PETA’s hit musicals Skin Deep, Juan Tamad, Batang Rizal and Care Divas. 

“Many of my works for theater are commissioned pieces. Producers give me a theme and I work around that theme. Zsazsa Zaturnnah was a musical theater adaptation of Carlo Vergara’s highly popular graphic novel. Himala The Musical was a musical theater adaptation of the Ishmael Bernal’s highly-acclaimed movie. Most of my PETA productions required a lot of research because of the company’s many advocacies like Children’s Rights and Women’s Rights. You have to arm yourself with facts and information. You can’t just wing through topics like that.” But this piece is obviously a very personal project for him. Does that mean no research was required? “I’ve lived it. I know the topic very well,” he said, smiling.

It was his friend and mentor, the late Palanca Awards Hall of Famer and Writers Bloc moderator Rene Villanueva, who pushed him to write more. 

“I used to write only when I have the time or when I’m commissioned to write an original material. Rene told me that I should just keep on writing because ‘a writer writes’. That’s what a writer does. He writes. So now, even when I’m not commissioned to write a play, I write. Poetry. Song lyrics. One-act plays. Full-length plays.”

His most personal works focused mostly on LGBT issues, from classic coming out stories of self-acceptance to gay bullying. CHANGING PARTNERS is his first piece that weaves heterosexual and LGBT relationships in the most unpredictable way possible.

His inspiration for the play’s form and content stems from watching a theater rehearsal. 

“There I was, watching a run through. The male lead was absent. Naturally, the stage manager, who’s lesbian, read his part. It was a scene between a husband and his wife. The energy and dynamics of the scene felt completely different because of the fact that it was being read by two women. Very interesting, I thought. I could write a musical using this form --- one couple, played in different genders.”

Why call it a torch musical? 

“A torch song is a love song, a very sentimental love song. The singer usually tells a story about an unrequited love or a dying love or a lost love. The term comes from the saying, ‘to carry a torch for someone’, or to keep aflame the light of an unrequited love. Hashtag walang forever. Torch is not a music genre but more of a way of singing, a singing style which focuses more on the words and emotions rather than the melody of the song. That’s how I wrote the songs of the musical --- they are more ‘felt’ than ‘performed’.”

De Jesus did not only draw inspiration from his own experiences but also from people close to him as well. 

“I would go out with my dear friends and I would read them a few pages and get their opinion. I love it when they say, ‘That’s my story.’ They were very generous in discussing some issues and would share their own stories. They were very helpful. Through this musical, I hope to shed light into the fragile nuances of a relationship, the concept of fidelity and honesty, and the tension brought about by age gap and sexual politics.”


Truly a passion project, De Jesus personally called up talented theater friends to join him in staging this production. The musical is directed by Rem Zamora, recently cited for his outstanding direction for Red Turnip’s Constellations in the 2016 Midyear Philstage Gawad Buhay Awards. Lighting design is by Ian Torqueza, also cited for his outstanding lighting design for PETA’s 3 Stars and A Sun.

The musical features an ensemble of accomplished theater, film and television actors composed of Agot Isidro, Jojit Lorenzo, Anna Luna and Sandino Martin.

Agot Isidro

Jojit Lorenzo

Anna Luna

Sandino Martin

But the real man of the hour is De Jesus who wrote the book, libretto and music for the play. He will also play his compositions live on the piano while the cast shed their emotional armor and sing their torch songs onstage.

CHANGING PARTNERS will have its limited run at the PETA Theater Center Studios on September 30, October 1 and 2 and on October 21, 22 and 23, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. Ticket prices are Php800 (Regular) and Php1000 (VIP). Book your tickets through Ticketworld or directly at the venue. You may also call (725) 6244 or (0927) 3917379 for inquiries and reservations.

The PETA Theater Center houses Vincent De Jesus ’ newest production, CHANGING PARTNERS, a torch musical that explores the alchemy of ...

GMA introduces their newest loveteams: DaveLind & JayRa

GMA newest loveteams: DaveLind & JayRa
GMA newest loveteams: DaveLind & JayRa

In a blogcon held at Caffe Pascucci, the GMA Artist Center introduced their newest pair of loveteams that we should watch out for: DaveLind is composed of One Up's Dave Bornea and Lindsay de Vera, while JayRa has One Up's Jay Arcilla & Arra San Agustin, who are both from GMA's reality star search show, Starstruck.

Meet GMA Artist Center's newest loveteams: DaveLind & JayRa

On competition with some of the popular loveteams, they believe that each is unique and has something to offer to their fans. When asked of their favorite loveteam, both couples are actually looking up to GMA's most popular loveteam-turned-real-life couple, DongYan composed of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. Although it's too early to tell though, and the fact they they are all still young, they are not thinking of getting into something more serious beyond their pair ups. Instead, they want to focus more on their career especially now that they've been given this break.

Of course, a loveteam won't be as effective if there's no connection. Luckily, these two pairs have known and been together for quite sometime already. JayRa started both in Starstruck while DaveLind have attended workshops together where the management saw their potential as a couple. They also got the chance to know each other personally and here's what they have to say about their partners:

Being given this opportunity in their career, the couples are very grateful and promised to do their best to prove to everyone that they are truly deserving of this big break. Will they be able to keep up with some of the popular loveteams that has now dominated the showbiz industry? That is for us to find out in their upcoming projects.
DaveLind: Dave Bornea & Lindsay de Vera
DaveLind: Dave Bornea & Lindsay de Vera
For now, you may catch DaveLind in GMA's newest TV series, Alyas Robin Hood. Dave is playing the role of Julian Balbuena, Maggie’s second child and Dean’s half-brother, and Lindsay is Lizzy de Jesus, Pepe’s niece and a daughter to Caloy and Judy. Alyas Robin Hood runs from Monday to Friday on GMA Telebabad, right after Encantadia.

JayRa: Jay Arcilla & Arra San Agustin
JayRa: Jay Arcilla & Arra San Agustin

JayRa, on the other hand, is set to hit your TV screens in their upcoming rom-com series, Usapang Real Love (URL). Arra will be playing the role of Meg, the ex-girlfriend of Andre Paras' character, while Jay is playing the role of Kristoff, a guy who has a hidden admiration to his bestfriend, Ella (portrayed by Mikee Quintos). As of now, there's just limited information that the two can share let's just watch out for it real soon.

Here's the full interview of DaveLind and JayRa:

GMA newest loveteams: DaveLind & JayRa In a blogcon held at Caffe Pascucci, the GMA Artist Center introduced their ...

Have you spotted the giant chickens along EDSA?

Traversing the usual EDSA traffic can easily turn travel into an irritating driving experience. And as the sea of red lights becomes the highlight of the day, motorists can’t help but to look for something that could ease their frustration. EDSA fixtures that have people smiling as they drive by are giant, inflatable chicken installations courtesy of Bounty Fresh.

Bounty Fresh giant chicken installations along EDSA
These towering, cute, and cuddly chicken giants have surprised and brought smiles to motorists and onlookers in SM North EDSA in Quezon City and in EDSA-Magallanes (south bound) where amused netizens have mostly captured images to share online.

Apart from serving as a respite from the usual glaring billboards along EDSA, the giant inflatable chicken installations also emphasizes the “Laking Farmfresh” thrust of Bounty Fresh. With the brand, customers are assured of superior-quality chickens that have been raised in clean, spacious, and well-ventilated hatcheries and farms.

With the giant chickens gaining positive traction among the public, motorists can’t help but wonder if there will be more inflatable chickens surprising more people along EDSA and other major thoroughfares. Because regardless of how peculiar they may look, the Bounty Fresh installations have served as a welcome, refreshing sight to anyone stuck on the road.

Traversing the usual EDSA traffic can easily turn travel into an irritating driving experience. And as the sea of red lights becomes the h...

Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus joins The Voice Season 11 as judges

Singing a new tune as it returns exclusively to StarWorld this September 20, The Voice will be featuring two new judges for its 11th season. Joining singers Adam Levine and Blake Shelton as judges on The Voice Season 11 are R&B diva Alicia Keys and pop superstar Miley Cyrus, making this season the first ever with two female judges on the panel. Host Carson Daly also returns to present this exciting reality competition for the 11th year straight.

The Voice US 2016 Judges
The Voice US 2016 Judges

Alicia and Miley are set to inject the The Voice with fresh enthusiasm, with both performers bringing years of experience in the entertainment business as well as having distinct personalities that will complement that of Levine and Shelton well. Although Miley’s wild-child persona initially seems at odds with Alicia’s sophisticated cool, the two artists both have the skills and professionalism to offer contestants solid advice when it comes to performing and developing their vocal talents. Alicia and Miley are replacing Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera on the coaching panel for this season, packing the panel with a feminine power that will appeal to a wide audience and inspire more female singers to come to the fore.

Both Alicia and Miley are familiar to fans of The Voice because they appeared on the show on previous seasons: Alicia served as an advisor for Team Pharrell in the Battle rehearsals in Season 7, while Miley was chosen to be key advisor for the Knockout rehearsals in Season 10. Their increased role in the show puts them in a position to not only determine the best young singers in the US but to also groom them for potentially successful careers in entertainment, lending their expertise and giving them tips for navigating the highly competitive global music industry. Helping the judges develop the talents of their teams as mentors for the Battle Rounds are revered musical artists, including veteran singer Bette Midler for Team Blake, rock legend Sammy Hagar for Team Adam, YouTube success story Charlie Puth for Team Alicia, and rock goddess Joan Jett for Team Miley.

Season 11 of The Voice promises to be a bigger and more exciting series with the addition of Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys, two very talented and globally respected performers who are perfect examples of strong women who’ve changed the world of entertainment with their distinct styles. StarWorld is proud to be exclusively delivering this reality series to its solid fan base in the country and holding the banner high for female empowerment. - Charo Espedido, Head of Marketing and Programming at FOX Networks Group Philippines

The Voice Season 11 premieres on September 20 live via satellite at 1 PM, with two primetime encores at 6 PM and 8 PM. Catch episodes every Tuesday and Wednesday live at 1 PM with primetime encores at 6 PM and 8 PM, exclusively on StarWorld!

Here's the FULL first episode of the show:

Singing a new tune as it returns exclusively to StarWorld this September 20, The Voice will be featuring two new judges for its 11th season...

Best Celebrity Weddings to be featured in Starworld's newest show, She Said Yes!

Giving brides-to-be and their grooms an in-depth look at the magic behind the Philippines’ most talked-about weddings is She Said Yes!, which will premiere on September 21 at 10 PM on StarWorld, Asia’s leading female entertainment channel. She Said Yes! features weddings of the country’s biggest celebrities as well as couples who have stopped at nothing to make their special day meaningful and uniquely memorable. The series also introduces the suppliers who made these dream ceremonies possible, allowing other couples to take inspiration for their own weddings.

She Said Yes! inaugurates itself with a bang by featuring one of the biggest weddings in the Philippines in 2015: the union of actress Heart Evangelista Senator Chiz Escudero. On this premiere episode, make-up artist Albert Kurniawan and event stylist Badang Rueda take us behind the scenes of this huge event, while the latter joins event planner Rita Neri, wedding blogger Benz Rana and videographer Jason Magbanua to give a Philippine situationer for the booming wedding industry. Other weddings to be featured in this first season of She Said Yes! include that of Tricia Centenera and Gab Valenciano as well as brides Kitchie Nadal, Nikki Gil and Pauleen Luna.

A photo posted by Gabriel Valenciano (@gabvalenciano) on

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Viewers not only get to see the making of the country’s most beautiful celebrity weddings, but they also learn about different types of ceremonies—including destination weddings, themed weddings, and those with an offbeat creative slant—and what elements need to come together to make these successful. The top wedding suppliers of the country spill their best-kept secrets on She Said Yes! alongside other features on how brides and grooms should prepare themselves for the Big Day.

Charo Espedido, Head of Marketing and Programming at FOX Networks Group Philippines, said, “The Philippine wedding industry is booming with more suppliers and more ideas than ever, and StarWorld is glad to be providing brides-to-be with an entertaining and informative program that shows what’s available to them for their special day. She Said Yes! will not only inspire couples to dream big for their weddings by featuring those of celebrities, but it will also be a helpful resource for great ideas and stress-free planning, with tips from the country’s top wedding suppliers.” 

Watch She Said Yes! to learn the secrets behind the best weddings in the Philippines of 2015, every Wednesday at 10 PM, starting on September 21, exclusively on StarWorld!

Giving brides-to-be and their grooms an in-depth look at the magic behind the Philippines’ most talked-about weddings is She Said Yes!, whi...

Trina Belamide & Zion Aquino: Two Grateful Souls in One Epic Night of Musical Treat

Last Thursday was just a regular day for me, but for these two very talented individuals, it was a day to celebrate the things they've been grateful for for the past years. 

Trina Belamide is considered to be one of the best songwriters in the country. Honestly (and I'm kind of ashamed to admit this), when you say Trina Belamide, only one song comes into my mind - Tell The World Of His Love. To date, it is probably the most popular song she's ever written. Having studied in a Catholic school back then, we were required to memorize it (with actions) because it's the official song used in the 1995 World Youth Day held in Manila. So that's how I knew about her.

It is only just recently that I found out that she is the genius behind some of the OPM hits that has already become part of our lives. During her celebration of her 25th year in the music industry, dubbed as Grateful Soul held at 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub in Century City Mall, she was joined by The Company, Ima Castro, and Regine Velasquez as they performed some of her popular hits like Now That I Have You, You've Made Me Stronger, Tell The World Of His Love, and Shine, just to name a few. 

The night is also a celebration of a new milestone in her career as she launched her first talent - Zion Aquino. She's really not into handling artists but she believed in Zion's talent so much that he convinced her to officially manage her.

Zion Aquino - Grateful Soul
Zion Aquino - Grateful Soul
Zion has been singing for years already and I've met him through my dear friend, John Paul Dizon. I've watched some of his gigs years ago and this album isn't a surprise anymore. The guy can really sing and, after seeing his performances during the album launch, I can say that he's just gotten better from the last time I've seen him perform years back. 

Zion's story, him being a cancer survivor, is such an inspiration. There came a point where he almost gave up. It was truly desperating but that didn't stop him. He once met Trina Belamide in a music camp. Trina was really impressed with his voice and that paved his way to where he is right now. It may have been long overdue but, I'm sure, the long wait is totally worth it for Zion.

If there's one thing I admire of Zion (except of course his powerful singing voice), it is his will and perseverance in making his dreams happen. Whatever he has undergone didn't stop him from pursuing his dreams. Truly, God's hands work in mysterious ways and in the perfect timing. 

Zion Aquino's Grateful Soul is a 10-track album all written and produced by Trina Belamide. The album is distributed by Star Music and is now out in the market. It's also available for purchase in iTunes Store or you may get a physical copy by messaging Zion on his Facebook Page. Alternatively, you may also stream it on Spotify: 

Last Thursday was just a regular day for me, but for these two very talented individuals, it was a day to celebrate the things they've...

Alyas Robin Hood starts airing September 19 on GMA Telebabad

Dingdong Dantes in Alyas Robin Hood
Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes is back on TV as he headlines GMA Network’s newest series Alyas Robin Hood beginning September 19. The series dramatically showcases an inspiring truth that in each one of us is a hero, able to be of service for the welfare of other people.
Dingdong Dantes as Pepe de Jesus a.k.a. Robin Hood
A combination of action, drama, adventure and comedy, Alyas Robin Hood revolves around the life of Pepe de Jesus (Dingdong), a man who finds absolution in doing service to his community. Known to be a prodigal son-turned-bar passer-turned-urban poor advocate, Pepe was framed up for the murder of his own father and was put behind bars. Believed to be perished after a violent prison break, Pepe survives and searches for the real culprit on the devastating death of his father and at the same time he redeems his own name under an assumed identity, Alyas Robin Hood. With the help of a few people he trusts, Pepe as Alyas Robin Hood mediates to seize crimes from happening, thus helping the oppressed as he slowly finds out the truth about who his real enemies are.

Dingdong will surely hook the viewers onto their TV screens as he embodies Alyas Robin Hood while doing action-packed scenes. Meanwhile, the Kapuso actor shared his excitement to depict his new character that aims to give inspiration. “Maganda 'yung feeling na nagiging part ka ng pag-solve ng isang problem sa lugar ninyo, tumutulong ka sa community. Pero ang mas mahalaga, siyempre, ay 'yung paghahanap sa katotohanan. I think, isa 'yun sa main na gustong ma-achieve ng character sa kuwento—malaman kung saan nagmula, sino ang may kagagawan ng lahat. Medyo komplikado.”

Joining Dingdong in this series are some of the country's esteemed actors to date:

2013 Miss World Megan Young
Megan Young plays the role of Sarri Acosta, a pediatrician who shares the same values with him in helping out the less fortunate. 

Andrea Torres
Andrea Torres plays the role of Venus who tries to help Pepe in his quest for justice and truth. Pepe, in return, will intuitively make her change her point of view when it comes to stealing and being selfish.

Sid Lucero
Sid Lucero plays the role of Dean Balbuena, a corrupt politician who is responsible for the death of Pepe’s father and Pepe’s arch rival with Sarri.

Cherie Gil
Cherie Gil plays the role of Maggie Balbuena, Dean’s mother who is a powerful PR practitioner who dreams of lording over the city by supporting the political aspirations of his son.

2016 Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Jaclyn Jose
Jaclyn Jose plays the role of Judy de Jesus, Pepe's understanding mother.

Christopher de Leon
Christopher de Leon plays the role of Jose de Jesus, Pepe’s father who from early on tried to teach his sons to avoid conflicts.

Paolo Contis
Paolo Contis plays the role of Daniel Acosta, Sarri’s older brother and an honest and incorruptible police officer.

Gary Estrada
Gary Estrada plays the role of Caloy, Pepe’s older brother.

Dennis Padilla
Dennis Padilla plays the role of Wilson Chan, a casino businessman who is also Maggie’s partner in her dream for his son’s political career.

John Feir
John Feir plays the role of Armando Estanislao, a businessman who deals in seemingly shady business but is actually legit and generous.

Tanya Gomez
Tanya Gomez
Tanya Gomez plays the role of Adelita Mayuga, a corrupt barangay captain who is one of Wilson’s pawns in the city.

Gio Alvarez
Gio Alvarez
Gio Alvarez plays the role of Jerico Sumilang, Pepe’s best friend.

Lindsay de Vera
Lindsay de Vera
Lindsay de Vera as Lizzy de Jesus, Pepe’s niece and a daughter to Caloy and Judy.

Dave Bornea
Dave Bornea
Dave Bornea as Julian Balbuena, Maggie’s second child and Dean’s half-brother.

Caprice Cayetano
Caprice Cayetano
Caprice Cayetano as Jessica Sumilang, Jerico’s daughter.

Rey "PJ" Abellana
Rey “PJ” Abellana plays the role of Leandro, the father of Venus.

Ces Quesada
Ces Quesada
Ces Quesada plays the role of Cha, the morally challenged vice mayor of the city.

Alyas Robin Hood is under the helm of director Dominic Zapata. He said that he is enthusiastic on how Alyas Robin Hood will leave a mark on Philippine TV.  “For this show, we always push the story deeper. Kaya naman the team promises that we will create something that you will all be proud of. Something that will make a mark,” he shared.

Catch Alyas Robin Hood, beginning September 19, Monday to Friday, after Encantadia on GMA Telebabad.

Get the latest updates of Alyas Robin Hood from the official website of GMA Network and official Facebook page of GMA Network.

Dingdong Dantes in Alyas Robin Hood Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes is back on TV as he headlines GMA Network’s newest series Alya...

GMA Afternoon Prime's newest series, Oh My Mama, starts airing this September 19

On September 19, a new drama series will be airing on the Kapuso Network. Topbilled by Inah de Belen, Oh My Mama is a remake of a 1981 Maricel Soriano movie with the same title. 

This is Inah's launching project in GMA since she transferred to the network. In Oh My Mama, Inah will be playing the role of Maricel, a 17-year-old teenager who longs for the affection of her dad. On her quest for searching her real father, Maricel crosses paths with a syndicated group that kidnaps children to be used as beggars. In this series, Inah will be playing a mother role which she considers as her most challenging role to date. Will she accomplish this despite of her young age? That is what we need to find out.

With this new milestone in her career, nobody is more proud and excited than her own parents. During the presscon, Inah was moved to tears as she was surprised with a special message from her mom, Janice de Belen.

Inah was moved to tears as she watch her mom's message for her

Moreover, according to Direk Neal del Rosario, the audience will witness different kinds of love delivered exceptionally by the artists who will bring color to each of the characters.

Let's meet the cast of Oh, My Mama and their respective roles in this new drama series:

Inah de Belen
Inah de Belen
Inah de Belen as Maricel Reyes

Jake Vargas
Jake Vargas

Jake Vargas as Julio Sta. Ana, a member of the syndicate who will help Maricel and the kids escape and support the former in raising them.

Jeric Gonzales
Jeric Gonzales
Jeric Gonzales as Zach Ynares, a rich chick magnet who will fall in love with Maricel.

Oh My Mama kids with Direk Neal del Rosario
Oh My Mama kids with Direk Neal del Rosario
The five kids who will become Inah’s children in the series are Therese Malvar as Peewee; Jhiz Deocareza as Bayani; Bryce Eusebio as Bimbo; Sofia Pablo as Nicole and David Remo as Tito.

Epi Quizon
Epi Quizon
Epi Quizon as Gordon Reyes

Gladys Reyes
Gladys Reyes
Gladys Reyes as Inday Bartolome

Arthur Solinap
Arthur Solinap
Arthur Solinap as Rick Rosales

Eunice Lagunsad
Eunice Lagunsad
Eunice Lagusad as Sara Bartolome

Ash Ortega
Ash Ortega
Ash Ortega as Ariana Gutierrez

Phytos Ramirez
Phytos Ramirez

Phytos Ramirez as Justin

The rest of the cast include Ryan Eigenmann as Efren Ynares, Yul Servo as Robert Reyes, Francine Prieto as Patricia Ynares, Jenny Miller as Sabrina Cruz and Sheryl Cruz as Julia Domingo.

Behind this new drama series is the creative team composed of Creative Director Roy Iglesias, Creative Head for Afternoon Prime Dode Cruz, and Headwriter Luningning Interino-Ribay under the supervision of Senior Vice President for Entertainment TV Lilybeth G. Rasonable, Vice President for Drama Redgie Acuna-Magno, Assistant Vice President for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy, Program Manager Anthony Pastorpide, and Executive Producer Joy Lumboy-Pili.

Catch Oh, My Mama! from Monday to Friday, beginning September 19 after Eat Bulaga on GMA Afternoon Prime.

Here's more inside scoop and happenings during the press conference:

On September 19, a new drama series will be airing on the Kapuso Network. Topbilled by Inah de Belen, Oh My Mama is a remake of a 1981 Mari...

Artist Playground Presents 'Lagablab'

Artist Playground Presents Lagablab
Artist Playground Presents Lagablab

Artist Playground’s Season Two proudly presents LAGABLAB written by Dan Hollanda, a play inspired by a short story penned by British writer W. Somerset Maugham entitled “The Unconquered.” 

LAGABLAB is set to open on Sept. 23 at The Little Room Upstairs, 1701 Landsdale Tower, Mother Ignacia Ave. corner Timog, QC and will run until October 30 – Fridays at 7 pm; Saturdays and Sundays at 3 pm and 7 pm. 

Directed by Paul Jake Paule, the play is set in Bulacan during the Japanese occupation. The story revolves around the desolation of a Filipino family who was forced by the cruel realities of war to make difficult choices of either painfully surrendering their dignity in exchange of security or bravely fighting for their name and worthiness to a detrimental end. 

The talented Artist Playground Players and guest actors in the play are as follows: 

Playing CHAYONG are (L-R) Mariella Munji Laurel, Jhaeka Madronio, Ira Ruzz, Jacelle Escanan, and Farlin Flores
Playing CHAYONG are (L-R) Mariella Munji Laurel, Jhaeka Madronio, Ira Ruzz, Jacelle Escanan, and Farlin Flores
  Playing HIROHITO are Anjo Resurreccion and Manu Gallardo San Pedro
Playing HIROHITO are Anjo Resurreccion and Manu Gallardo San Pedro
Playing UNYO are Coco Mark and Christian James Tiongson
Playing UNYO are Coco Mark and Christian James Tiongson
Playing CARDING are (L-R) Aaron Dioquino, Sheneill Solis and John Racho
Playing CARDING are (L-R) Aaron Dioquino, Sheneill Solis and John Racho

Playing PILANG are Lodie Atis and Sheryll Villamor Ceasico
Playing PILANG are Lodie Atis and Sheryll Villamor Ceasico

Playing ANDONG are Greg Abelardo De Leon and Gilbert Bacolod
Playing ANDONG are Greg Abelardo De Leon and Gilbert Bacolod

Playing MAKAPILI is Joseph Navarro
Playing MAKAPILI is Joseph Navarro

Playing SUNDALO are Sheniell Solis and Miguell Arnaldo

The main character of the story is a strong-willed woman named Chayong who is betrothed to a guerilla named Unyo. On the night of Unyo’s departure to join the fight against the Japanese, Chayong was raped by Hirohito, a Japanese Officer and her brother Carding was emasculated for defending her. The unspeakable act bore Chayong a child. Hirohito upon learning this was filled with remorse and tried to rectify his transgression by providing for Chayong’s family and offering marriage. But the news of Unyo and Carding’s death from the hands of the Japanese invaders ignited a great fire in Chayong’s heart, a fire that rages for justice, a fire the blazes for vengeance, a fire that will burn through her soul to commit an unspeakable act herself.

The artistic team of LAGABLAB is led by Roeder Camanag - Artistic Director; Paul Jake Paule – Director; Dan Hollanda – Playwright; Jeffrey Camanag - Production Consultant; Coleen Lanit - Lights Designer; Glenn Macalong Caspe – Production Designer; Ira Ruzz – Costume Designer; Princess April Tuason – Dramaturg.

The production team are as follows: Kimberly Claire Somoza – Production Manager; Toots Tolentino – Publicist; Rowena Jarito - Stage Manager; Emil Tiangco - Assistant Stage Manager; Glenn Macalong Caspe -  Spinner; Coleen Lanit - Lights Boardman; Dan Sheneill Solis - Props Head; Sharmaine Sarmiento and Noela Marie Dela Cruz - Stage Hands.

For tickets and inquiries, visit Artist Playground's Facebook Page  or contact 0926 932 3179.

Artist Playground Presents Lagablab Artist Playground’s Season Two proudly presents LAGABLAB written by Dan Hollanda, a play inspi...