Complete list of MMFF 2016 winners, co-presented by HOOQ

2016 MMFF Best Ensemble Cast - Oro
HOOQ, Asia’s largest video-on-demand service, furthers its commitment in uplifting the quality of Filipino movies as it remained the exclusive presenter of the 42nd Metro Manila Film Festival and its New Wave category.
“In a year marked by big changes in the MMFF, we are proud to say that our full support for the premiere movie festival in the country has remained the same. We welcome another year of partnership with the Metro Manila Film Festival, and we are proud to be part of the festival as it takes brave new steps in focusing on quality films, fresh casting choices and new approaches to filmmaking.” - Jane Cruz-Walker, HOOQ Philippines Country Manager.  “
From L-R: HOOQ Country Manager, Jane Walker; HOOQ Director of Content, Jeff Remigio; HOOQ Marketing Head, Sheila Paul

Welcoming the guests at the awards night, MMDA Chair Thomas Orbos mostly talked about how change has influenced this year's film fest.

Overall Chairman Thomas Orbos gives opening remarks
“We are gathered here together not only to seek change but also to look back to the original theme of the MMFF which is to be a festival that celebrates Filipino artistic excellence. Change is never easy, it is a difficult path, but thanks to the MMFF Executive Committee we are here today amidst change. We believe that what we did with the MMFF this year may not be recognized now, but it will be appreciated by future generations. It is not about the money, it is about what we can give to our children later on by promoting quality films in the Philippines.”


Bagging a total of 8 awards, Erik Matti’s Seklusyon proved to be the big winner of the 42ND METRO MANILA FILM FESTIVAL GABI NG PARANGAL held December 29, 2016 at the Kia Theater, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. Among these awards are Best Director for Erik Matti; Best Supporting Actress Phoebe Walker; Special Jury Prize Rhed Bustamante; Best Screenplay; Best Sound; Best Production Design; Best Cinematography and Best Theme Song for Dominus Miserere.

2016 MMFF Best Supporting Actress Phoebe Walker of Seklusyon

2016 MMFF Special Jury Prize winner Rhed Bustamante for Seklusyon

Sunday Beauty Queen, the very first documentary to be included in the annual festival was chosen as Best Picture.

2016 MMFF Best Picture - Sunday Beauty Queen

Irma Adlawan won the coveted Best Actress category for the movie Oro, while Paolo Ballesteros was chosen as Best Actor for his performance in Die Beautiful. Newcomer Christian Bables got the most cheers after being named Best Supporting Actor for his role as Barbs in Die Beautiful.

2016 MMFF Best Actress Irma Adlawan for Oro

2016 MMFF Best Supporting Actor - Christian Bables of Die Beautiful

HOOQ likewise gave out its own set of awards for the Short Films category including Best Screenplay: Mitatang; Best Director: Jarell Serencio Mga Bituin sa Siyudad; Special Jury Prize for Manila Scream; and Best Picture for EJK.

Ronnie Alonte and Rhian Ramos meanwhile, were recognized as the HOOQ Male and Female Celebrities of the Night for their stunning looks at the red carpet.

2016 MMFF HOOQ Female Celebrity of the Night Rhian Ramos

2016 MMFF HOOQ Male Celebrity of the Night Ronnie Alonte
Here is the complete list of winners of the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival, co-presented by HOOQ.

Best Picture: Sunday Beauty Queen 
Best Director: Erik Matti (Seklusyon)
Best Actress: Irma Adlawan (Oro) 
Best Actor: Paolo Ballesteros (Die Beautiful)
Best Supporting Actress: Phoebe Walker (Seklusyon)
Best Supporting Actor: Christian Balbes (Die Beautiful)
Children's Choice: Saving Sally, Sunday Beauty Queen and Vince & Kath & James
People's Choice: Die Beautiful 
Best Cast Ensemble: Oro 
Special Jury Prize: Rhed Bustamante (Seklusyon)
Best Screenplay: Seklusyon 
Best Sound: Seklusyon 
Best Musical Score: Saving Sally 
Best Theme Song: Dominus Miserere (Francis De Veyra) Seklusyon 
Best Production Design: Seklusyon 
Best Editing: Sunday Beauty Queen 
Best Cinematography: Seklusyon 
FPJ Memorial Award for Excellence: Oro 
Gatpuno Antonio J Villegas Cultural Award: Sunday Beauty Queen 
Best Float: Die Beautiful  


HOOQ is the home of the largest collection of Pinoy movies and TV series spanning almost five decades, including close to a hundred winners and finalists of the Metro Manila Film Festival such as “Baler”, “Tanging Yaman”, “Muro Ami”, “Imortal”, the beloved franchises such as “Mano Po”, “Tanging Ina” “Shake, Rattle and Roll” and many more. New additions on HOOQ from the MMFF past entries include 2013’s “Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay”, “Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy” as well as the 2015 finalist “Haunted Mansion”.

According to Jeffrey Remigio, HOOQ Philippines Director of Content and Programming, they are adding more past MMFF winners to HOOQ’s carefully curated library of Filipino titles.

Get HOOQ'd on MMFF

2016 MMFF Best Ensemble Cast - Oro HOOQ, Asia’s largest video-on-demand service, furthers its commitment in uplifting the quality of F...

HOOQ Hangouts hosted a star-studded premier of MMFF 2016's Seklusyon

To wrap up this year's series of HOOQ Hangouts, the Asia's largest video-on-demand service held a celebrity-studded premier of one of the official entries for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016, Seklusyon. 
"We started HOOQ Hangouts a few months ago to provide a forum to showcase the vast library of HOOQ, particularly our local content which spans almost five decades. That is why we are ending the year with this HOOQ Hangouts featuring an exclusive screening of Seklusyon, produced by Reality Entertainment, which incidentally is also our partner in creating OTJ: The Series" - Jane Cruz Walker, HOOQ Philippines Country Manager
HOOQ Team with the cast of Seklusyon
Set in the 1940s, Seklusyon tells the story of four deacons (played by Ronnie Alonte, Dominic Roque, JR Versales, and John Vic de Guzman),  who undergo a retreat week before their ordination. It is said that demons work at their best days before a deacon gets ordained and officially become a priest, hence the practice of seclusion. Mysteries get discovered and truth started to unfold as a "miraculous" kid, Anghela (played by Rhed Bustamante), together with her guardian, Sister Cecilia (played by Phoebe Walker), joined them in the supposedly safe secluded house. 

Erik Matti, once again, worked his magic and produced yet another masterpiece that's definitely worth watching. The stunning cinematography and on point musical scoring added to the effectiveness of the overall production design. Despite being new to the industry, I think Ronnie Alonte did a really good job in portraying his role as Miguel, one of the deacons who is quite firm with what he wants and determined to fight temptations the hard way. Rhed Bustamante, on the other hand, is a big surprise and seeing her as Anghela will make you realize that this kid will surely go to places in her chosen career. She's so good, her stares alone freaked me out while watching the film.

Far from the usual horror films we often see in cinemas where the scare factor is all about prosthetics and special effects, Seklusyon focused on highlighting each character's past that has been haunting conscience for years. This movie will surely make you think. Will you choose the easier way out by giving in to any temptation and still achieve your goal? Or fight the hard way of resisting temptations and ultimately feel rewarded and accomplished in the end? Your choice.

The cast of Seklusyon at the premier night: (L-R) Elora España, Dominique Roque, John Vic De Guzman, Ronnie Alonte, Rhed Bustamante, J.R. Versales and Phoebe Walker

Seklusyon will be shown in cinemas starting December 25, 2016. The movie stars Ronnie Alonte, Dominic Roque, JR Versales, John Vic de Guzman, Rhed Bustamante, Phoebe Walker, Neil Ryan Sese, Lou Veloso, and Elora Espano. It is directed by Erik Matti and produced by Reality Entertainment.

To wrap up this year's series of HOOQ Hangouts, the Asia's largest video-on-demand service held a celebrity-studded premier of one...

Kabisera makes it to MMFF 2016 Entries

KABISERA, the biggest and most powerful family drama of 2016 is coming to theatres nationwide this December 25th for the Metro Manila Film Festival with a top-caliber cast headlined by the Grand Dame of Asian Cinema, Nora Aunor. The much-anticipated MMFF comeback of the one and only superstar is joined by award-winning actors Ricky Davao, JC De Vera, Jason Abalos, Victor Neri and Perla Bautista. Also joining the cast are newcomers RJ Agustin, Ronwaldo Martin (brother of Coco Martin), and Alex San Agustin.

Kabisera is a film about a tightly knit family whose lives fall apart after a tragic incident. Mercy, Nora Aunor’s character takes the central seat (Kabisera) to hold her family together. The film will be Nora Aunor’s return to the annual Metro Manila Film Festival where she won the most number of awards in the past 42 years.

Kabisera is produced by Firestarters Manila Productions, the same studio that produced the award-winning film 1ST KO SI 3RD, together with Silver Story Entertainment.

The MMFF Screening Committee citation emphasized the film’s quality in choosing KABISERA as part of the magic 8:

“A sure, steady directorial hand, conscientious script and effective cinematography are matched by the lead actors’ faultless performances. This taut and tragic drama will disturb viewers with its stark chronology of what confronts us daily in an often oppressive urban milieu, with the final imagery delivering a subtle footnote to our awareness of the proper place of vaunted justice in our society.”

KABISERA, the biggest and most powerful family drama of 2016 is coming to theatres nationwide this December 25th for the Metro Manila...

Wingstop launches new menu for when you #CantStopTheCrave

When it comes to satisfying big cravings, Wingstop hits back even bigger. The immense flavor in the wings calls out to your tastebuds and sticks in your memory. But just when you thought you’ve had it hard, along comes your craving once more—urging you, this time even harder, for that flavor that seeps through the bones.

For cravings that just won’t stop, your all-time favorite wings from the Flavor Company now come in bigger, filling servings! Score your favorite wings with drinks and sides—hot, signature Chipotle rice, tasty fries, or savory onion rings—in Individual Meals that are definitely big enough to satisfy more than just your curiosity. 

Go with 3-pc chicken Tenders, hand-breaded to perfection. You can also get Boneless Bites. Either way, they both start at P199. Or just go dive right into things with the cooked-to-order, hot bone-in Classic Wings that made Wingstop famous in the first place. At P269, get 5 wings sauced and tossed in your favorite flavor. From mouthwatering Mild Buffalo to tongue-searing Atomic, you can choose just how far you’re willing to go for a thrill in a meal. Like oriental? Get Korean Soy. Prefer Mediterranean? There’s Garlic Parmesan. In between Lemon Pepper and Mango Habanero, there’s a world of flavors that’s just waiting to jump from your plate to your palate. 

We haven’t even gone to the dips yet! Pair your sides with our Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard, BBQ, Atomic, Teriyaki, or Cheese dips. And to really hit the homerun, upsize your drink or add a coleslaw. It’ll just be P20!

Wingstop is also prepared for when you bring the gang, so gather the pack and enjoy the new Meals to Share. Starting at just P599, get a huge set of your favorite Classic Wings, Batter-friend Wings, Boneless Bites, Tenders, or a combination of any two. Like the Individual Meals, these Meals to Share have big appetites covered as they also come with your favorite combination of drinks and sides. How do Cheesy Salsa Nachos and Apple Juice sound? Get creative! There’s a set for groups of every size, whether you’re just an eager pair or a ravenous group of five.

Big hunger doesn’t have to be a big problem—for either your palate or your wallet! So if you #CantStopTheCrave, go out and try the bigger, better menu from Wingstop. 

When it comes to satisfying big cravings, Wingstop hits back even bigger. The immense flavor in the wings calls out to your tastebuds ...

Chinoy: Mano Po 7

"Mano Po" is the country's biggest film franchise in drama. It has featured some of our brightest stars including Susan Roces, Vilma Santos, Sharon Cuneta, Lorna Tolentino, Maricel Soriano, Zsa Zsa Padilla, and many more. The mother and daughter team of Lily and Roselle Monteverde decided to produce the new edition in the highly successful film franchise because of its timely plot and insistent public clamor. This time, Chinoy actor Richard Yap gets his biggest break in a family drama via Mano Po 7 Chinoy.

Be it drama, family-oriented, or comedy, Richard Yap has proven his skills in his past shows. In this latest installment of Mano Po, Richard is a business tycoon who is overprotective of his wife and kids. Despite being strict, Richard is full of love for his family played by Jean Garcia, as his wife, with Enchong Dee, Janella Salvador, and Jana Agoncillo as his kids.

A photo posted by @EDnything (@ednything) on

Jean Garcia, on the other hand, plays the role of a loving wife to Richard who has always been neglected as the latter is too focused on running their business. She, later on, got involved with Jake Cuenca's character who became her secret lover. Enchong Dee, the black sheep of the family, rebels against the idea of his dad losing time for them. Later on, in a rehabilitation center, he met Jessy Mendiola's character who became his girlfriend eventually. Janella Salvador, meanwhile, was forced to go to a music school where she met Mario Mortel's character and her music professor, played by Kean Cipriano, who has secret feelings for her.

A photo posted by @EDnything (@ednything) on

Mano Po 7 Chinoy, as affirmed by Mother Lily herself during the grand blogcon, is considered to be the biggest and grandest millenial edition among all Mano Po movies. The Mano Po 7 sequel focuses on tackling issues like Chinese-Pinay marriage.

The Mano Po 7 is directed by Ian Lorenos and produced by Regal Entertainment Inc. and is available in cinemas starting December 14.

For more info, follow @regalfilms on Facebook and Twitter, and @regalfilms50 on Instagram.

Here's more from the Mano Po 7 Chinoy Grand Blogcon:

"Mano Po" is the country's biggest film franchise in drama. It has featured some of our brightest stars including Susan ...

TagahatidPasko: A Coca-Cola Christmas Concert

From their inspirational ads to heartwarming surprises, Coca-Cola has never failed to touch lives of every consumer through their campaigns. 

This Christmas season, Coca-Cola pays tribute to the ‘unsung heroes’ who makes everyday a Christmas day. 

"This Christmas, Coca-Cola wants to put the spotlight on the people who makes us feel the magic of Christmas or who we call as #TagahatidPasko or ‘bringers of Christmas’. We want to inspire people to recognize and show their appreciation for these people we rarely say thank you to…” shared Coca-Cola Philippines Vice-President for Marketing Stephan Czypionka.
A Christmas concert was held last December 3 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds where the crowd enjoyed the music of Rico Blanco, Gloc-9, Callalily, and Sandwich. Teen stars Diego Loyzaga, Alexa Ilacad, Nash Aguas and the rest of Gimme 5, plus Darren Espanto also joined the fun event.

Coca-Cola TagahatidPasko Christmas Concert 16

Coca-Cola TagahatidPasko Christmas Concert 30

There were also booths set-up around the area where the guests gathered and enjoyed some activities prepared by Coca-Cola like karaoke booths, 5by20 Women Artisan Booth, Coke Tattoo booths, and the Coca-Cola Santa and Snow land stations.

Coca-Cola TagahatidPasko Christmas Concert 34

Coca-Cola TagahatidPasko Christmas Concert 33

Of course, the Coca-Cola ambassadors were also there to share happiness to everyone present at the event. Fans giggled and screamed their hearts out as their favorite artists including Enchong Dee, BaiLona's Bailey May and Ylona Garcia, and JaDine's James Reid and Nadine Lustre performed right in front of them. 

Coca-Cola TagahatidPasko Christmas Concert 04

Coca-Cola TagahatidPasko Christmas Concert 02

And just before the program ended, the ambassadors paid tribute to the people they consider their #TagahatidPasko. Those people who are always there for them no matter what. 

Coca-Cola TagahatidPasko Christmas Concert 44
Photo by Gus Villa

That night wouldn't be complete without those people I consider my #TagahatidPasko in the blogging community. It doesn't have to be Christmas to consider one a Tagahatid Pasko right? These people makes every event fun, every conversation crazy, every advice frank and sensible, and every support unconditional.

Coca-Cola TagahatidPasko Christmas Concert 49
Photo grabbed from Ruth dela Cruz

Photo grabbed from Rodel Flordeliz

Of course, I wouldn't forget my family and friends who always extend their unwavering support and makes every bonding and reunion a crazy gathering, to the helpers who make our lives easy and convenient, to the drivers who help us get to places regardless of how traffic and inconvenient it is to travel, to the policemen and security officers who make sure that we are always safe, to my dear teachers and mentors for always bringing out the best in me, THANK YOU! All you efforts, be it simple or huge, are extremely appreciated. 

From their inspirational ads to heartwarming surprises, Coca-Cola has never failed to touch lives of every consumer through their camp...

Christmas Shopping Experience at Landers Superstore

Landers Superstore is a membership superstore that offers a wide range of grocery selections from dry goods, meat and poultry, farm produce and organics, frozen food, dairy goods, home essentials, and even furnitures. Aside from the massive choices of groceries and other stuff housed in this 8,000sqm property along Paz Guazon Street in Paco, Manila, Landers also has other sections that you should definitely try.

Landers Central | Doppio | Dough and Co.

Shopping can be really tiring and will definitely get you hungry after seeing all the good stuff inside the store. No need to go elsewhere because Landers has got you covered. They have a restaurant, coffee shop, and bakeshop that offers really good food.

Landers Superstore 12

Landers Superstore 13

Landers Superstore 05

Landers Superstore 09

Landers Superstore 14

Federal Barbers
If shopping isn't your thing, especially for dads out there, you can have your haircut done while waiting for your wives or children. What's good is that members get it for FREE!

Landers - Federal Barbers

Caltex Gasoline Station
Fuel up and avail of discounted gasoline rates exclusively for Landers members only.

Just before they held their Super Crazy Sale, we already got the chance to experience the blissful shopping that Landers Superstore has to offer. There are so many goodies on sale and items on Buy 1 Take 1!

With quite a limited time (just because I have a prior commitment in the afternoon and I can't bring everything on my next destination), I was able to score few of my faves:

Chocolates, of course, is on top of my list!

Landers - Chocolates

Drooled over these items the moment I saw them. So excited to try the Pork and Meat Rub!

Landers - Groceries

Got this beautiful set of Tomodachi knives with individual blade guards for only around Php 1,000. Its design perfectly suits my home theme!

Landers - Tomodachi Knife Set

I actually have enough set of towels at home, but with this pair for only Php 449, I'd definitely find a space for these in my cabinet.

Landers - Buy 1 Take 1 Towels

Before, I just use plastic microwavables for leftover food. Since I'm now switching to glass containers, this set of Libbey 16pc bowl set is a nice addition to my collection. Got this entire set for only around Php 300.

Landers - Libbey Bowl Set

I've been wanting to but a laundry sorter but there ones I find online and in stores are just way too expensive. This is probably one of my best finds in Landers. Got this NeatFreak laundry sorter on sale for only Php 1,300!

Landers - Neatfreak Laundry Sorter

This, of all the items that I got that day, is my most fave! I only got 1 can of this since it will be my first time to try it and I just wanna see if it is effective. I tried using this 3M Scotchgard Fabric Protector on my bag and a pair of shoes and, to my surprise, it actually works! I'll upload a video for you to see.

Priced at only around Php 300, I'll definitely go back for more cans!

Landers - 3M Scotchgard

There are so much more that Landers has to offer. They also have furnitures and appliances on sale. I really wanted to get this really nice buffet counter for only Php 9,999 (original price is Php 15,000+) but the problem is they don't have a delivery service. So if you're planning to shop for big items, better make room in your car to fit everything you'll buy.

Landers Superstore 40

Landers Superstore 39

Landers Superstore 38

Landers Superstore 32


To shop at any Landers Superstore, you have to sign up for membership first. There are two types:


Membership Fee: Php 800
Requirements: Two valid IDs
Validity: One year
Extension Card: Php 400; only one extension card can be availed


Membership Fee: Php 1,00
Requirements: Two valid IDs and a copy of business registration or business permit
Validity: One year
Extension Card: Php 400; up to four extension cards can be availed

Currently, Landers has TWO branches:

Landers Superstore OTIS
1890 Paz Guazon St., Paco, Manila

Landers Superstore BALINTAWAK
1106, 1252 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Balintawak, Quezon City, 1106 Metro Manila

More branches are opening SOON so watch out for that!

Landers Superstore is a membership superstore that offers a wide range of grocery selections from dry goods, meat and poultry, farm p...

#SincerelyGabbi: Gabbi Garcia Celebrates 18th Birthday with a Grand Party

To date, Gabbi Garcia is considered to be one of the most promising and popular teen stars of the Kapuso network. Having started working in the industry a few years back, Gabbi has already proven herself with the various awards that she has received and, just recently, being chosen as one of the lead stars of GMA's top-rating Primetime series, Encantadia.

During an interview, Gabbi shared that, like every girl, she's always dreamt of having a debut party. With her hardwork, together with the help of her sponsors, her dream is finally becoming a reality.

Gabbi will be joined by her family and close friends as she celebrates her coming of age at the Marriott Hotel this December 6. She shared to the press some details of what's gonna happen during the grand presscon of her upcoming party dubbed as #SincerelyGabbi.

A teaser was released days before the event where you can see a more sexy and sophisticated Gabbi. The video was done by, the master storyteller himself, Jason Magbanua and the photos were taken by Blufish Photography.  

gabbi garcia x jason magbanua  Repost from: @jasonmagbanua  Two things she loves - water and music.  The beach was the obvious location. But the soundtrack! Maaan, we cooked up something different.  We recorded her speaking and singing voice, put it through a blender of effects, sampled it and put it over beats. (Think Diplo, Skrillex, JB). Et voila!  Something fresh and different.  Full film released on Dec 6.  You may abuse the replay button now.  #SincerelyGabbi Film:. Jason Magbanua Music: Tim and Co.  Creative Consultant: Madge Landrito Lejano Set Design/ Styling / Art Direction: RabbitHole Creatives Photography:. Ryan Raquino Make Up: Madge Landrito Lejano Hair: Carlene Lucero / Angel Salian Couture: Veluz Puno Reyes / Michael Leyva / Kat Cruz Thanks to: Teddy Manuel and Bespoke Manila Location: Laluz Beach Resort
A video posted by Gabbi Garcia (@_gabbigarcia) on

Gabbi really had a fun time doing the shoot with some of the best photographers and videographers in the country. The shoot was done exactly the same day Typhoon Lawin hit the country and, according to Gabbi, it was actually a blessing in disguise because the waves wouldn't have turned out that beautiful if it weren't for the bad weather. 

In every debut, significant people in the celebrant's life take a big part in the program and share the stage with the young lady. Gabbi's first dance would be her grandfather and her father will be the last dance. Several Kapuso artists including her Sang'gre sisters Kylie Padilla, Glaiza de Castro, and Sanya Lopez, Encantadia co-stars Rocco Nacino, Pancho Magno, Carlo Gonzales, and a lot more are going to take part in the program as well. When asked if Ruru is going to be her escort, Gabbi said she wants it to be her night and assured that the other half of GabRu will be given a big part in the program.

On her special night, Gabbi will be wearing three different gowns: two of which are by Mark Bumgarner and her after-party gown is by Martin Bautista. 

Gabbi shared her excitement to her fans by posting pictures in her Instagram account:

A photo posted by Gabbi Garcia (@_gabbigarcia) on

You may follow the happenings on Gabbi's 18th birthday celebration by checking the hashtag #SincerelyGabbi.

To date, Gabbi Garcia is considered to be one of the most promising and popular teen stars of the Kapuso network. Having started working in...