Food Park Challenge with Mikael Daez at Marikina's Carnival Food Park

When you're with a certified foodie, it's gonna be so challenging to serve them food thinking that they might have already tried almost everything. That's exactly how I feel when we're out for a Food Park Challenge with Mikael Daez at the Carnival Food Park in Marikina.

With a budget of Php500, we were tasked to serve Mikael the perfect food pair that we can get from the restaurants at the food park. We had a quick chat with him prior to the challenge and we learned a bit about his faves.

As the challenge starts, me and my partner, Jing, went straight to the restaurant offering Japanese cuisine. Since we have 15 minutes to scout for food, we went ahead and checked for other options. With 7 groups competing, we realized everyone's sticking with what we've learned during our interview with Mikael so we decided to go off the track and get something he hasn't even mentioned at all. With the place having this very Pinoy summer vibe, a Filipino set menu will definitely complete the experience.

Luckily, we found Kuxina, one of the few restaurants in Carnival Food Park offering an all-Filipino menu. For our main course, we ordered their famous Tapaleng then paired it with Sisig Rolls for our appetizer. For our drink, we got Watermelon Smoothie from Milkshake Lab that's perfect for the summer feels of the place. And for our desert, we wanted to get a local dessert fave like halo-halo, or ginataan, or turon, but since there's nowhere to get one, we decided to just go with Banana Boat, a chocolate-coated banana with strawberry slices and Oreo crumbles.

Come judgement time, Mikael is to choose his 3 favorite dishes and the top dish wins the challenge. Ultimately, our lltandem is the team to beat. Thanks to Kuxina's Tapaleng, our team was chosen as the winners of the challenge. It was definitely a good choice!

Watch our complete foodventure in my VLOG: 

Overall, the food park challenge was a fun foodie experience. We got to explore what the restaurants has to offer and, after hearing Mikael's comments, we already have an idea on what to try on our next visit to the Carnival Food Park. 

Have you been to the Carnival Food Park yet? Share your fave food in the comments section below!
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