Wife vs Mistress: Learn from GMA's newest series, D' Originals

You might think that it's another mistress story but the approach is very different from what you might have already seen before.

GMA's latest TV series, D' Originals, is the newest sexy comedy drama that talks about the hilarious story of three wives and their struggles of winning their husbands back from their attractive and equally fierce mistresses.

Josie  Lando  Yvette

Josie, played by 2016 Cannes Best Actress Jaclyn Jose, is considered as the "perfect housewife" to Lando, played by Jestoni Alarcon. She may have what every man wishes for - caring, cheerful, a great cook, and a "family-first-kind-of-wife" - but her magic turns out to be worthless after Lando met Yvette. Played by Katrina Halili, Yvette, on the other hand, is a young sexy and gorgeous probinsyana, who dreams of making it big in Manila. 

Is there really no such thing as a "perfect wife"?

Sofia  Art  Alice

Sofia, played by Kim Domingo, is the sexy wifey who's independent and fierce. Her conceited and womanizer husband, Art, played by Archie Alemania, was once a frustrated artist and their love story started when they meet each other in an audition. He ended up managing talents and that's how he met Alice, played by Meg Imperial, an aspiring sexy actress who eventually became Art's "favorite" talent.

Who would have thought that someone as gorgeous as Sofia will also face the marriage problems with her not-so-attractive husband?

Marge  Caloy  Cristina

Marge, played by LJ Reyes, is an entrepreneur married to Carlo/Caloy, played by Mark Herras. While her husband, a frustrated musician, is waiting for the perfect break in his chosen career, Marge works hard and has done all kinds of jobs just to support their family. Clueless of their past, a conflict arises when Marge entrusted her husband and kid to her sister, Cristina, played by Lovely Abella, while she's out working. 

Is lack of time an enough reason to cheat? 

Adding spice to the crazy plot of D' Originals is the interesting story of Tim (played by Mikoy Morales), the eldest son of Josie and Lando. Afraid of his parents finding out the truth about him, Tim faces the struggles of being a "closet gay" and hiding his secret relationship with Darenn, played by Elyson de Dios.
Mikoy Morales and Elyson de Dios

Also joining the cast are Chlaui Malayao, who plays the role of Macy Magpayo - the youngest child of Josie and Lando, and Arny Ross, playing the role of Precious - Yvette's bestfriend.

D' Originals is set to air starting this April 17, Monday, on GMA Afternoon Prime.

Got your own version of the story? What do you think of this never ending conflict between wives and mistresses?

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