Superstar Virgo: Inside a Cruise Ship

Just a few weeks ago, Star Cruises' Superstar Virgo had a quick stop in Manila and after learning that I'll get to, at least, hop in to this huge cruise ship and have a glimpse of how it is to be in there, I didn't have second thoughts of joining the tour.

Being in a cruise ship, I imagine it as a romantic and luxe experience one can ever have. True enough, it really is different when you're inside.

Star Cruises Superstar Virgo (Photo taken using OPPO F5 Youth)

Upon arrival, we were taken to the Star Dining Room and were served with their 4-course lunch before we started the tour.

For our appetizer, we had the House Combination that comes with dill marinated salmon honey mustard and caviar, wasabi Alaska king crab leg, and poached US asparagus with prosciutto and truffle vinaigrette.

House Combination (Photo taken using OPPO F5 Youth)
For our soup, we had the cream of forest & morel mushroom.

Cream of Forest & Morel Mushroom (Photo taken using OPPO F5 Youth)

For our main course, we were given two options: Honey Soy Glazed Alaskan Cod Fish or Surf and Turf - I ordered the latter. It's got grilled beef tenderloin and rock lobster thermidor, with chateau potato and a bouquet of vegetables.

Surf and Turf (Photo taken using OPPO F5 Youth)
And to cap off our sumptuous lunch is Virgo's Sweet Temptation - a combination of Green Tea Chocolate Indulgence (cake with a marshmallowy texture), a vanilla ice cream. and mixed berries infused with amaretto.

Virgo's Sweet Temptation (Photo taken using OPPO F5 Youth)
Imagine having all these food six times a day! That's correct. Superstar Virgo serves 6 meals a day during the entire cruise.

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After lunch, we went straight to the Zodiac Theater and had a sneak peak on the entertainment show they have in store for the cruisers. I was in awe when I entered the venue. Didn't really expect a full-scale theater in a ship, but yeah, they do have a full-scale theater right there!

Watching their show reminds me of Cirque du Soleil. It's got dances, laser show, magic, and performers flying around. It truly is world-class I should say.

And, of course, this experience wouldn't be complete without the tour of the entire cruise ship. Even before I get inside, I can already picture it as grandiose as Titanic. Well, it's real close to that! It's huge, it's got hotel-grade suites, a lot of restaurants serving various cuisines around Asia, a theater, Duty Free, golf driving range, basketball court, gym, jogging circuit, pool with a megaslide, jacuzzi, a salon, gaming area, and a lot more!

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If you're thinking you'll get bored spending days in the middle of nowhere, forget it! There is so much to do in the cruise ship than you can ever imagine. Ok, I may be exaggerating already (haha!). But seriously, it's gonna be different if you'll experience it yourself. After experiencing how it is inside a cruise ship, I'm gonna start saving now and look forward to my first cruise across Asia!

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