5 Features I Love In OPPO F5 Youth

OPPO F5 Youth is one of the latest variants of OPPO's flagship device - OPPO F5. With just a slight difference in terms of the specifications compared to the OPPO F5, the OPPO F5 Youth still delivers great performance perfect for every millenial's daily mobile activity.


As I get to experience this mobile device myself, here are the Top 5 things I love about OPPO F5 Youth:


OPPO is being marketed as the "Selfie Expert" phone eversince and so far, with its flagship devices released, the smartphone company never failed to disappoint. With its built-in 16MP front camera, powered with AI Beauty Technology, the selfies taken using the OPPO F5 Youth will surely get you more likes from your followers. You don't have to worry though - you'll still look the same when they see you in person ;)

With my nephew, Sean 

The camera is so smart, it knows very well who to focus...hahaha!


The phone is so thin, it's so easy to hold despite having the huge 6" display. Also, I love the placing of the fingerprint scanner at the back (though I still prefer it to be in front) because it's easier to reach and it's slightly bigger as compared to my other phone. 


I also love the simplicity of its ColorOS 3.2 UI design. I'm not used to it's UI though so it took me quite some time to figure out that the Settings options are separated from the Notifications dropdown when I first tried exploring the phone. If it's also your first time to use this, you may access the Settings quickly by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. 

OPPO F5 Youth Settings Shortcut


This I really love! Just to give you an idea, I'm a heavy smartphone user - I check emails, update and browse social media accounts, read online, take pictures, and play games on my mobile phone. Doing all these activities for hours on my phone, my eyes get really stressed and tired. The night shield feature of OPPO F5 Youth reduces eye strain by making the display look warmer. I find the default settings too warm though but you can adjust this to your preference. You may even schedule it to turn on at your desired time and play with other effects like black and white and comfortable nighttime reading mode.

OPPO F5 Youth Night Shield


This is perfect for people on-the-go like me. I live quite far from the metro so whenever I am travelling, I often use my time reading online or watching videos and taking notes at the same time. With OPPO F5's split screen feature, I am able to maximize my time while sitting in traffic.

To use the split screen feature, simply swipe down the app from the Task Manager and select Split Screen. This, however, may not work for some apps.



Nothing really special about this. I just love that it's so responsive and fast. I had a hard time using the face recognition feature on my other phone so probably that the reason why this one made it on my list.

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