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If you're looking for a weekend getaway destination, Pradera Verde is a place you might want to consider. Approximately just 2 hours away from Manila, Pradera Verde is a perfect attraction whether you are up for some extreme activity or just want to take a break from the busy city life.


If extreme sports is your thing, then wakeboarding is definitely a must-try activity at Pradera Verde. Whether it is your first time or you're an expert on wakeboarding, Pradera Verde offers facilities that's just right for your skills.
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The Beginners' lake is just a straight track while the Pros can play around the oval track with all the ramps and obstacles.

Pradera Verde Wakeboard 03

Pradera Verde Wakeboard 04

I wish I could tell you more about the experience but, unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to try it due to my back problems. :(

Wake Park Rates
1 hour - P250
2 hours - P475
4 hours - P595
8 hours - P1,000

* Rate is inclusive of vest, helmet, and slip-on board. 
Non-rider rate: P100 for adults / P50 for kids


As easy as it may seem, playing the sport is actually difficult. It's not just about hitting the ball. There are so much to consider in every swing - the wind speed, direction, distance, just to name a few. Golf requires force, focus, and a LOT of patience!

Since we're all first timers, we just tried it in the driving range. As I said, the sport requires a lot of patience. The first few minutes got really frustrating. It took me countless swings before I finally got to perfectly hit the ball. As I watch the ball soar high across the field, it felt like I already won the lottery! Achievement unlocked! ;)

Pradera Verde Golf 01

We may have not aced the game, but at least our outfit was on point. Yes? ;)

Pradera Verde Golf 02

Golf Rates

Driving Range - P300/hr/pax

Green Fee:
Weekdays - P1,200 (9 holes) / P2,000 (18 holes)
Weekends - P1,500 (9 holes) / P2,500 (18 holes)

Direct Caddy Fee - P300 (9holes) / P500/pax (18 holes)
Insurance - P50 (9/18 holes)
Golf Cart - P400 (9 holes) / P800 (18 holes)
Good for 2 players

Junior Golfers (18 years below): 50% discount on Green Fee only
Present valid ID

* Golfer with tee time reservation are given priority.
* Five-some are allowed on weekdays only.
*Last tee time - 2pm (18 holes) / 3pm (9 holes)


Biking has always been one of my hobbies since I was a kid. More than its health benefits, what I love about biking is that it gets me to places at my own pace plus I enjoy the view while on the ride.


Though there are electric carts on standby, ready to take you to different facilities within the club, Pradera Verde is also offering bike rentals that is free-of-charge to those who want to explore the leisure park themselves.


What's a weekend getaway without swimming right? Pradera Verde isn't just about extreme sports. The club also boasts a huge wave pool and beach-type pool that families, especially the kids, will surely enjoy!

Pradera Verde - Pool 01

Pradera Verde - Pool 05

Pradera Verde - Pool 03

Pradera Verde - Pool 02

We were leaving that day so Ruth and I decided to skip siesta and went straight to the pool area after lunch. Too bad though we didn't get to experience the wave because it takes about 45 minutes to warm up the machine and we didn't have that much time left.

2017-10-28 11.56.36 1

2017-10-29 12.05.15 1

Wave Pool and Beach-Type Pool Rates
Below 3ft - P150
Check-In Guest - P280
Walk-In Guest - P350

* Only proper swimming attire is allowed 


Located just beside the wake park, Pradera Verde's Viewdeck Restaurant provides a great view of the wakeboarding action while enjoying good food with your friends and family.

Viewdeck Restaurant 01

Viewdeck Restaurant 02

Viewdeck Restaurant 03

Pradera Verde Restaurant

Viewdeck restaurant offers a wide selection of delicious Kapampangan and International cuisines. Here's what we had during our stay:

Clubhouse Sandwich
Clubhouse Sandwich

Kare-kare and Chopsuey
Kare-kare and Chopsuey

Inihaw na Boneless Bangus
Inihaw na Boneless Bangus

Crispy Pata
Crispy Pata

Lumpiang Shanghai
Lumpiang Shanghai

Sayote and Carrots with Quail Eggs
Sayote and Carrots with Quail Eggs


During our overnight stay at Pradera Verde, we stayed in their 2 Bedroom Villa. The place is so huge for all six of us! It's got 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a living area and a kitchen and dining area. Though I'm not quite sure if they are charging for corkage fee, the kitchen already has refrigerator to store your food, a microwave to heat your baon, and a water heater for your morning coffee or tea.

Pradera Verde Villa 01

Pradera Verde Villa - Room 04

Pradera Verde Villa - Room 03

Pradera Verde Villa - Room 02

Pradera Verde Villa - Friends 02

Accommodation Rates

Deluxe King (good for 2 persons)

Breakfast - P5,000
Whole day ride - P5,500
Half day ride and Breakfast - P6,000

Deluxe Triple (good for 3 persons)

Breakfast - P5,500
Whole day ride - P6,000
Half day ride and Breakfast - P7,000

2 Bedroom Villa - P13,500
Good for 5 persons with breakfast

3 Bedroom Villa - P17,500
Good for 8 persons with breakfast

Overall, our weekend stay at Pradera Verde is truly a fun and memorable one. There are so many things to do so you won't get bored, plus it's just near the metro so you can enjoy their amenities in no time! The accommodation may be pricey, BUT I think the rates for the activities, especially the food, is really affordable and definitely worth it. 

Here are some more snaps from our weekend getaway:

Pradera Verde Villa - Friends 01

Pradera Verde Villa Kitchen - Friends 02

Pradera Verde Villa Kitchen - Ed & Ruth 01

Pradera Verde Villa Kitchen - Ed & Ruth 02

Pradera Verde Villa Kitchen - Ed & Ruth 03

Pradera Verde Villa 03

Pradera Verde Pathway

Thanks Pradera Verde for hosting us! 'Til next time :)
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