Aqua Adventure With Gabbi Garcia

It's part three of our 'Getting-to-know the Encantadia Sang'gres' series and, this time, we're spending a fun day with Gabbi Garcia, Sang'gre Alena.

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As we start the day with an interview, Gabbi shared her experiences in doing Encantadia. I remember during one of our blogcons with her, she did audition for Encantadia as Sang'gre Alena. Luckily, she ended up getting the role. According to Direk Mark, it's her sweet and innocent features that made them decide to pick her for the role of Alena. 

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Gabbi, together with the rest of the cast and the whole team of Encantadia, were very much overwhelmed with the reception of the audience in their new show. The noise that the fans has created even before the show started and the fact that the show is trending everyday gave them so much inspiration and motivation to give their best in every episode. They're also very happy to share with the audience the same passion and love that they have for the show.

In real life, her similarities with Alena is her being sweet and loving to her family, friends, and fans. On Ruru Madrid, Gabbi shared that their team up for the past two years made her job easier and happier. She also talked about the bond that the whole cast have developed along the way.

Here's a video of our interview with Gabbi Garcia:

And before we end the interview, Gabbi gave a sample of one of her favorite lines in Encantadia, Sang'gre Alena's chant during battle scenes:

A Fun Aqua Bonding Experience With Gabbi

Since Sang'gre Alena is the caretaker of the water gem, it is but right to see Gabbi Garcia live up to her role in Encantadia. One of the interesting facts that I learned about her is that she has been a certified professional diver since she was 10. When asked if she'll be showcasing her diving skills in Encantadia, she said she has been requesting for it and, hopefully, Direk Mark Reyes will finally give in. 

Before we get into the water, our guide/diver gave us a short briefing and told us that we're lucky enough if the sting rays and sharks get near us. Well, Gabbi is a natural and you'll see how much these marine creatures loves her.  Check out this video of our aquanaut experience:

Admittedly, I was really afraid at first because it'll be my first time to try helmet diving and there are sting rays and sharks in the water. Thanks to Gabbi and Alexa Villano of Rappler for their words of encouragement. I was able to conquer my fear and enjoy this fun water activity!

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